HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin launch passwordless authorization system

The teams from HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin have announced launch of Authorizer.io. This is an open non-commercial project intended to increase the security of user accounts, mitigate the risks of password interception and demonstrate the advantages of open blockchain technologies.

The main goal of the project is to draw the attention of users to password-free authorization technologies and to the advantages of blockchain certificates for daily use.

Authorizer.io enables website owners to integrate the authorization system quickly and easily through Emerсoin SSL certificates.

Authorizer.io is based on the oauth2 open authorization protocol and Emercoin blockchain technology. Blockchain is used to store the encrypted information on user EmerSSL certificates and virtual cards.

The advantages of Authorizer.io:

1. Security. No password, and thus no risk of it being captured.

2. Comfort. It is not necessary to fill out any forms, as authorization is made with one click.

3. Anonymity. Only you own your data, which means that it is impossible to steal or falsify it.

4. Freedom. The service is absolutely free for website users and owners.

5. Usability. Daily use of certificates significantly saves you time.

6. Flexibility. You have the possibility to use SSL certificates in any browser and on any device, including on smartphones and tablets.

7. The human factor. Authorizer is intended only for people. Bots cannot use it, and spam is completely excluded.

8. Innovation. There is no place for passwords in the 21st century.

Anyone who wants to may create and get free a certificate: https://getssl.authorizer.io/en

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