Blockchain crowdfunding startup WINGS joins with CoinDash

Last week, Coinsilium Group a London-based accelerator for blockchain companies, added crypto social trading platform CoinDash to their portfolio in a pre-ICO commitment, with its CEO Eddy Travia stating “CoinDash represents an exciting proposition in the emerging token space”.

Today, the CoinDash team announced another big name that is set to join forces with CoinDash in WINGS DAO.

WINGS “The Blockchain Crowdfunding DAO” serves as a platform where all WINGS token holders can evaluate upcoming ICO’s, forecast the amount a certain project is about to raise during its ICO campaign and share projects with their social networks for price discovery. Using the wisdom of crowds is recognized as one of the most accurate ways to forecast future events and as with Augur and Gnosis, WINGS harnesses prediction markets and crowds specifically for Ethereum ICOs. WINGS provides new contributors with cutting-edge analysis of participating ICOs using the latest in crowd artificial intelligence backed by forecasters’ online reputations.

Toward the end of 2016 the WINGS Foundation, developers of the software behind WINGS DAO, raised $2 million for the development of the first swarm artificial intelligence platform running on Ethereum with a focus on identifying, qualifying, and promoting the very best ICOs. WINGS tokens were recently distributed to all donation crowdfunding participants in what many describe as one of the most successful cryptocurrency crowdfunds of 2016.

As part of the cooperation, CoinDash will be one of the first ICO’s to be evaluated by the WINGS DAO shortly after it launches. In addition, CoinDash will utilize WINGS social bounty management platform during our ICO campaign to maximize community engagement and rewards.

The CoinDash team stated:

“CoinDash is delighted with this promising cooperation. WINGS is a crypto space success story, by joining forces, CoinDash will be able to both create a network effect and receive valuable feedback from the community. By presenting CoinDash to the thousands of forecasters of WINGS, all considered to be crypto early adopters, we certainly expect massive contributors number joining into our ICO campaign. Last, we feel a special need to point out that an external review by thousands of WINGS members marks a significant achievement and guarantees that CoinDash is on the right track to creating an outstanding product and service for our followers and future contributors.”

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