Expanse now available via China's CoinVC exchange

Expanse, the first stable alternative public Ethereum chain where smart contracts cost 1/50th as much to run, making practical to use as a dApp platform has announced that Expanse (EXP) is now available on Chinese exchange CoinVC.
The company’s Chinese Ambassador, Soopnon, and his marketing team in China helped to land Expanse on the exchange. Important to note, CoinVC allows direct purchases of (EXP) with Chinese yuan (CNY).
So now with China able to buy Expanse directly with CNY, the potential for growth is something to think about. Soopnon and his team are long-term partners with Expanse and will continue to market Expanse in China and work on getting more Chinese exchanges onboard.
This should expand Expanse’s market cap, with the potential to grow the project to a large new demographic. Additionally, Soopnon is working directly with James Clayton, the Expanse community manager, and co-founder, to help translate key information for the Chinese cryptocurrency market.

Introducing Expanse

Expanse is a new decentralized platform based on Ethereum that is managed by a decentralized autonomous organization. Expanse runs smart contracts that allow for almost limitless possibilities, and these smart contracts are also the foundation of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO lets everyone who holds Expanse vote on the future of the platform, and even people that are not a part of Expanse can suggest ideas to be voted on. This is something quite revolutionary, as the power of the platform is indeed in the hands of the community, and it is their ideas, dreams, and talent that will help build Expanse over time.

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