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Athena Bitcoin launches new website and adds advanced new wallet tools

Fresh off adding new bitcoin ATM locations in Florida last month, U.S. based Athena Bitcoin has announced a revamp of its website plus the addition of new tools within its wallet app for advanced users. The Official website at has been renovated with an easier to use layout and brand new chat function. Customers can now get answers quicker, simply by clicking on the orange widget at the lower-right corner of the site.
Further updates include a several new advanced wallet features on version 2.4.1 of the Athena Bitcoin Wallet which include:
1) Enhanced security options
Users can now set a password-based daily spending limit in Settings which will disable the pin-based password recovery method and create the most secure operating environment for their wallet. There will also be the ability to set the limit to be “0” to require the password on all spend transactions.
2) Choose your own Bitcoin server
The wallet, which employs the Airbitz platform uses Electrum and ElectrumX servers for obtaining bitcoin address info and for broadcasting transactions. Athena Bitcoin Wallet normally chooses a random server with a good connection, but with 2.4.1 users can specify specific servers of their choice in Settings. This will enable the capability to run the Athena Bitcoin Wallet more privately off of a user’s own Electrum server or potentially allow the option to choose a Core, Classic, or an Unlimited-based server.

Source:Athena Bitcoin

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