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South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinone amends live trader chat rules

Exchange users can now engage in discussion on markets and more including chart sharing from within their Coin One accounts.

South Korea based cryptocurrency exchange Coin One has announced a new live user chat and discussion feature that clients can start to utilize as of today. Coin One Chat is an additional service provided for user experience to engage in thoughtful communication and information exchange.

Coin One can restrict the use of chat to specific members according to following basic rules:*

1. Repeating the same contents indefinitely (3 hours)
2. Publish words and content that may contain disagreeable, insignificant, or sexual content or reminisce of the image to cause discomfort to others (6 hours)
3. Use chatting nicknames (nicknames) that include discriminatory, humorous, sexual content or reminiscent of those images, which can be offensive to others (6 hours)**
4. Disgusting acts such as slander, abuse, threat or misunderstanding toward others (12 hours)
5. Provide personal information (name, email, home phone number / address) of persons and others (1 day)

More severe lifetime bans include the following:

6. Imagining yourself as an employee or affiliate of Coin One or disseminate false facts (permanent ban)
7. Attempts to spread malicious code or viruses to other members (permanent ban)
8. Attempt to collect personal information of other chat members (permanent ban)
9. Content of commercial nature such as sale, advertisement or solicitation (permanent ban)
10. Seriously maligning coin and coin operators (permanent ban)

* Repeated and repeated violations of items 1 to 5 may result in permanent chat ban.
** In case of violation of item 3, you can change the chatting screen name at your discretion.

Even if a specific rule does not apply to the above items, according to the basic principle of Coin One Chat, members may be notified and arbitrary chatting ban may be taken at the discretion of the company.

Coin One Chat will operate according to basic principles and sanction factors noted above. It reserves the right not to provide explanation of disciplinary action by separate inquiry and disclosure of chat history.

Sound good and fair? Then the exchange encourages everyone to now join to engage in free and healthy trading communication with fellow users.

Source:Coin One