Stratis announces details of first Breeze Tumbler ‘Master Nodes’

Stratis Group, a flexible enterprise blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services and business, revealed today the initial details of its upcoming Breeze Node infrastructure release.

The blockchain company has created one of the most innovative cryptographic tokens – Stratis ($STRAT) and will soon be offering an economic incentive to node operators to participate in securing different types of on-chain and off-chain transactions for the Breeze Wallet, as well as for blockchain apps and services for corporate clients.

The first iteration of the Breeze Tumbler Node (often referred to as a “Master Node”) will see their application supporting the Breeze Wallet, where they will help execute Bitcoin and Stratis TumbleBit transactions. These will have hybrid functionality running both Bitcoin and Stratis full nodes that provide additional services to the network.

There will be future releases of other forms of Stratis Nodes providing functionality, such as:

A Breeze Tumbler Node can be operated by anyone that meets the minimum protocol requirements.

Some of those requirements include:

Breeze Tumbler Nodes will operate in a totally decentralized and trustless manner, meaning that no one can steal the funds trusted to the network. Additionally, the STRAT required to operate a node can be stored in a Ledger Wallet or on offline backup. The private key to the user’s STRAT address is only required during registration with the Stratis Node network.

The BTC in reserves will need to be in a wallet on the node, as it is required to sign the transactions when processing the tumbler transactions.
Full instructions and documentation will be released in due course.

Rewards to the Breeze Node operators will be paid in the form of a transaction fee (estimated at 1%) paid by Breeze users directly to the Breeze Node that processes their TumbleBit transaction. This fee amount and its distribution may vary for specific implementations of the Breeze Node depending on the type of applications and services.

Depending on the operator’s jurisdiction there may be legal and tax-related specific requirements and/or restrictions. Stratis highly recommend all operators seek proper advice before operating a Breeze Node. This is a decentralized network not managed, controlled or administered by Stratis Group Ltd.

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