Lykke launches B2B service for custom integration of apps and trading platform

Lykke is looking for integration and sales partners to help bring its services to verticals and countries where they have expertise.

Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company building a global blockchain-powered marketplace, announced today that its open-source platform and apps can be integrated with existing products to accelerate performance.

The Lykke Accelerator service provides custom integration of Lykke’s apps and trading platform to existing products, turn-key wallets, and digital products for exchanging.

The Lykke wallet is an open-source app for iOS and Android that lets customers sign up using Lykke’s KYC and support, transfer money in, purchase and trade assets, and transfer money away.

The wallet holds the customer’s assets, protecting them in case anything happens to the exchange, and the customer retains the 12-word password that controls the wallet. Lykke will add customer branding and new features as desired.

The Lykke exchange is an open-source exchange where trades take place between wallets, there are no fees, spreads are ultra low, and settlement takes place on the blockchain in minutes. The platform provides a simple, secure, and powerful new way to trade currencies and other assets.

Example turn-key applications:

•  Digital Banking, providing security and immediate settlement
•  Peer-to-Peer Lending wallet, simplifying the entire value chain
•  Industry groups and consortia looking for synergies
•  IoT wallet, allowing devices to spend money
•  Merchants looking for cross-border loyalty and points systems
•  Event organizers can use a single currency to create an internal economy

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