Blockchain asset fund TaaS strengthens board with 3 new advisors

Token As A Service (TaaS), a tokenized closed-end fund (CEF) dedicated to blockchain assets, today announced the latest additions to its Board of Advisors and services providers. The team of experts with a diverse range of complementary backgrounds joins the board ahead of TaaS’ anticipated Initial Coin Offering (ICO), launching on March 27, 2017.

TaaS welcomes serial entrepreneur and investor Mike Costache, blockchain technology and digital currency trading expert Marshall Swatt, and legal expert Arnold Spencer to the Board of Advisors.

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, TaaS will offer a new way to participate in and benefit from capital raising, fund management, and cryptocurrency investing, all with full auditing transparency to investors.

The new advisors:

The trio joins existing advisors John Wong (fund management expert) Sergey Rabenko (legal consultant), Patrick Salm (financial risk and fund specialist), and Pascal M. Bommeli (serial entrepreneur).

Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Co-Founder and President of TaaS said:

“TaaS is proud to have established a world-class board of advisors ahead of our ICO. We believe this diverse team of experts places TaaS in the best position possible for ongoing success. With the board of advisors stronger than ever, TaaS expects not only to run a highly successful ICO but also deliver substantial returns to our investor community.”

TaaS’ month-long ICO will launch on March 27, 2017, during which time investors can take advantage of an early investor bonus system. As part of the system, TaaS is offering a 25% bonus for the first 1,000 BTC raised. The bonus will decrease progressively up to 9,000 BTC. TaaS will reserve 2% of the collected funds for bounty programs.

Along with the addition of new advisors to the board, TaaS has also engaged Otonomos, a legal services platform, to provide expertise and execution for company operations in Singapore. Otonomos will provide regional-specific legal support and assist with communications with the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

TaaS has selected Cubits as its service provider for its operations outside of the USA. TaaS will utilize the Cubits platform as a reliable, trustworthy gateway for its customers to buy and sell bitcoin outside of the USA. Cubits services more than 50 countries and 17 currencies.

TaaS tokens are intended to be traded on all major exchanges in coordination with exchanges and regulatory authorities.

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