Chamber of Digital Commerce looks to bring blockchain to U.S. securitization market

The partnership is aimed at bringing increased efficiency, transparency and liquidity to the sector.

The Chamber of Digital Commerce and the Structured Finance Industry Group (SFIG) have announced a partnership to bring blockchain to the almost $2 billion U.S. securitization market.

The partnership’s first action was the publication of a white paper titled, “Applying Blockchain in securitization: opportunities for reinvention,” prepared by Deloitte, outlining five benefits of blockchain in structured products:

A single consistent source of info, complete immutable audit trail, better valuation and price discovery, speed and certainty, and security.

Richard Johns, SFIG Executive Director said:

“I am pleased to announce this strategic initiative with the Chamber of Digital Commerce, which has established an important position in representing the growing blockchain industry. Partnering with the Chamber is a key part of our focus on being a central resource of forward looking education to all market participants.”

“With this partnership we can create new, forward-thinking and educational opportunities for our members enabling them to stay fully informed of how technology is impacting their business. Today’s whitepaper is just the beginning of what we expect to be a very active and productive partnership.”

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