Bitwala redesigns bitcoin prepaid debit card

Bitwala, the Berlin-based blockchain banking company with wallet and debit card solutions for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has announced a redesign of their Visa debit.

The card is issued by Wave Crest Holdings Limited, a registered money institution by the Financial Services Commission of Gibraltar pursuant to a license from Visa Europe.

In the words of Bitwala, the card now comes with a sleek and beautiful design. The new debit card stands out, particularly for Bitwala customers who are digital nomads, the new design sports a skyline outline of some of the world’s most famous landmarks on top of the Bitwala blue.

The Bitwala debit card guarantees cardholders the best exchange rates and zero hidden fees. You can monitor your finances by logging into your Bitwala user account and see a history of your card transactions. Users also receive real-time notifications on their smartphone of all spending or transaction that takes place.

The Bitwala debit card is a CVV and PIN-protected card. For security purposes, an authorization is required from a merchant every time a transaction is made using your card.

The virtual Visa costs 2€ while the physical costs 8€. Virtual card orders are delivered instantly. As for physical cards, Bitwala offers two types of deliveries, which are standard shipping (free of cost, no tracking information) that takes between 7-10 business days and express shipping (69€, including tracking information) that takes between 3-5 business days.

Fee Schedule:

 Fee Type  Frequency EUR
Physical Card issuance & delivery Per Order € 2.00
Virtual Card issuance & delivery Per Order € 2.00
Top Up Per Transaction 0.50 %
Purchase Transaction Per Transaction € 0
 ATM Transaction Domestic Per Transaction € 2.25
 ATM Transaction International Per Transaction € 2.75
 Monthly Maintenance Fee Per Month € 1.00
 Foreign Transaction Fee Per Transaction 3.00 %
 Card to Card Transfer Per Transaction € 0.25
 ATM PIN change Fee Per Transaction € 0.80
 Card Replacement Per Occurrence € 8.00
 Expedited Shipping Per Occurrence € 69.00

Hint: These fees depend on the ATM and country. In the vast majority of countries globally you will be charged one fee (by our card). In some jurisdiction, e.g. in the US or Thailand there is a local regulation applying a minimum fee for an ATM withdrawal. This additional fee will be added to the total withdrawal amount and our fee will be deducted separately by your card balances.

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