Stratumn unveils IndigoTrace,a new plug-and-play blockchain software service

Stratumn, a leading provider of enterprise blockchain technologies reinventing inter-business relationships, announced today the launch of IndigoTrace, a new plug-and-play software service. IndigoTrace is designed to easily secure any business process, allowing better traceability of goods, assets, and services.

Following the successful deployment of its Proof of Process technology combining blockchain and cryptography techniques over the past two years, Stratumn decided to go one step further in offering business partners and customers a new solution to secure critical processes between organizations in an even more user-friendly and flexible way.

IndigoTrace allows users to participate in any common business process from a computer, IoT or mobile device. Using secured private keys, they can interact with the process from any enterprise application that connects to IndigoTrace’s interface. Administrators can easily invite other people to join the workflow, with tailored controls depending on specific application needs. IndigoTrace also provides visual tools to enable non-technical business users to search and audit any step in the process.

The software leverages the public blockchain networks to allow the traceability of goods, services or financial operations in real-time all along the different steps of a process. This solution particularly addresses use cases in the insurance, supply chain and trade finance sectors, where a single stakeholder holds the burden of proof vis-a-vis clients, suppliers, partners, and regulators.

IndigoTrace was released today in its beta version with a small set of customers. Its public release is scheduled for Q3 2018.

Richard Caetano, Co-founder and CEO of Stratumn

Richard Caetano, Co-founder, and CEO of Stratumn stated:

“We have designed IndigoTrace as a flexible and easy-to-use solution to help companies operating in sensitive sectors such as finance, banking, chemicals, agribusiness and pharmaceuticals better trace each step of a critical process to know who did what, where, how and when. At Stratumn, we see an increasing need for consumers, companies and regulators to be able to trace the movement of any good or asset and audit the status of a process at any given time and place. In a fast-paced hyper-connected world, the ability to make, automate and prove strong business decisions is critical. We believe that the Blockchain technology has the answer to this need by providing a single and immutable source of truth, auditable by all parties involved in a finance or supply chain process.”

Founded in Paris in 2015 by Richard Caetano, an American entrepreneur, Stephane Florquin and Sebastien Couture, Stratumn develops technology based on blockchain networks and cryptography to secure processes between enterprise partners, customers, and regulators. Its Proof of Process Technology combines blockchain networks and advanced cryptography to streamline and secure the critical processes between organizations while ensuring data privacy and reducing operational frictions and costs.

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