Evolve Markets

Key People

Eduard Kotysh CEO & Founder

Joao CarvalhoSmart Contract Developer

Julian BauerCommunications Designer

Rob StoneLead Designer

Alexander RysenkoDirectory of Engineering

Oskar TriebeMachine Learning Expert


Q3 2018Solidified launches Bug Verification Oracle V1 for centralized bug dispute arbitration.

Q1 2019Solidified launches a beta of the Bug Prediction Market to testnet. Extensive testing of the security confidence metric.

Q2 2019Solidified develops the Early Warning System based on Bug Prediction Market. Solidified integrates Nexus Mutual smart contract cover assurance into BPM.

Q3 2019Solidified launches the Bug Prediction Market to Mainnet. Decentralized Audit and Bug Bounty platform development begins.

Q4 2019Automatic price recommendation engine for audits based on attack surface and complexity. Solidified Stamp V2 based on BPM-derived security confidence metric.

Q1 2020Fully Decentralized Audit and Bug Bounty platform launch on testnet.

Q2 2020Solidified launches the Bug Verification Oracle.


Solidified is a reputable community-driven trust source for smart contracts and their technical quality.

Symbol: SOLID

23 Jul 2018 - 23 Oct 2018

Solidified is already the #1 smart contract auditing platform with the largest community of Solidity experts. Currently, audits are distributed to several independent experts to tackle the security and quality issues.

What is the Bug Prediction Market?

In a bug prediction market, actors can bet on whether a vulnerability will be discovered in a smart contract by a certain date. The basis for such a market is a smart contract that has been audited and secured by an individual or a group of auditors using the Solidified platform. These actors are held accountable for securing the code by having staked income and reputation in form of the Solid token.

Token Details

Intentions for Solid Token to are be used to (i) purchase security audits, (ii) place bids for audit jobs, (iii) back security assertions, (iv) fund and participate in bug bounties, (v) open and trade in bug prediction markets, and (vi) participate as a juror in the bug verification oracle.

Solid Token is planned to be an ERC20 token with a maximum total supply of 4,000,000 and no inflationary mechanism. Token burning would be used in the event of a fork. A fork results in the destruction of the original token and tokens can only be migrated to one of the competing forks. This would permanently decrease the token supply (more accurately, split it), but is not expected to occur often.

This is a static price token sale that only accepts payment in ETH. No soft caps, refunds or token burning are planned. A combination of max participation limit and KYC help protect against whale participation. Only whitelisted contributors are allowed to participate. There’s a 6-month non-transferable period on all tokens, from the end of the main sale. The tokensale priority is given to auditors, developers, security experts, and Ethereum projects to encourage the proper use of the token.

Cost of 1 token: 0.015 ETH
Minimum Participation: 0.5 ETH
Maximum Participation: 100 ETH

Token distribution

– Maximum total supply of 4,000,000 Solid Tokens will be minted.
– 2,400,000 Solid Tokens (60%) will be available for sale.
– Token purchases made during the first month of the sale will receive a 20% discount, this is capped at 1,200,000 Solid Tokens (30%)
– Smart contract auditors, Ethereum projects, developers and security experts will be prioritized in our KYC process throughout the sale to provide a strong basis for Solid token’s utility.
– 400,000 Solid Tokens (10%) will create a fund for auditor training to build our community and grow the supply of quality auditors.
– The remaining 1,200,000 Solid Tokens will be divided among a liquid reserve, our partners, the Solidified team (3 year vesting) and a small amount for air drop.

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