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Angelos DiamantisCo-Founder, CEO - Operations

Daniel McToldridgeCo-Founder, COO - Trading

Charles LagaresCo-Founder, CCO - Legal

iCumulateFunctional Token

One trading account unlocking access to the liquidity of multiple exchanges and hundreds of crypto, fiat, and hybrid products within a global ecosystem of traders and investors.

Symbol: ICU

10 Dec 2018 - 31 Dec 2018 12:00 UTC

The iCumulate ecosystem is a multifunctional investment platform bringing like-minded investors and traders together into one social environment.
In addition to providing a simpler way for investors to buy, store and/or trade crypto assets, the platform will evolve into an ecosystem whereby traders, investors and content providers all come together in one place.

Social investing is the ideal environment for talented individuals to display their trading skills. The iCumulate platform will run a detailed, transparent ranking system which will showcase the best performing traders and ICU managers, with regular big prize competitions being held for different investment categories.

Users will have access to all of the tools and information they need to build their own portfolios of fiat products and cryptocurrencies/assets, without the hassles, complications, and drawbacks of owning the underlying asset tokens.

  • The iCumulate presale will start on the 30th November 2018 at 12:00:00 UTC and will remain open for one week or until the presale hardcap is reached.
  • The iCumulate main sale will start on the 10th December 2018 at 12:00:00 UTC and will remain open for three weeks or until the overall token sale hardcap is reached.

Token Details

In order to finance the development and operation of the iCumulate platform, funds will be raised through a Token Sale during which the initial supply of iCumulate utility tokens (ICU) will be created. ICU will serve many functions on the platform and become an intrinsic part of the trading and investing ecosystem. Please see the whitepaper for full details.

To ensure confidence to all of our token sale participants, we have employed the services of SmartDec to conduct a full audit of the token sale smart contract. SmartDec specializes in smart contract security, application logic, and code analysis.

Token Brief:

  • Token Cost = $0.01
  • Bonuses available in ICO include: Presale 30% & Main Sale 20%/10%/5%
  • Accept: ETH
  • Minimum raise for token distribution: USD 2.5M
  • Maximum or hard cap: USD 23.5M
  • The number of tokens for distribution: 2,932,500,000
  • The total number of tokens: 4,700,000,000