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Key People

Edward AnufrievCo-founder at EXMO

Ivan PetukhovskyCo-founder at EXMO

Alex KostenkoProject Manager

Anatoly LarinCMO


2013The Exchange launch

2014The first 100,000 users on the platform

2015At TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges in Europe

2016400,000 registered users on the platform

20171,000,000 registered users on the platform

2018Margin Loan service added to the platform

2018PAMM account mechanism implementation

2018The number of 150 traded currency pairs reached

2018Licenses received: EMI, Currency Transactions Execution, FCI brokerage financial license, PCI DSS2

2019Communication protocol (FIX API)

2019Futures contracts added

2019Partnership with liquidity exchange systems between cryptocurrency exchanges

2020EXMO among the TOP-3 global exchanges

2020Implementation of tools facilitating the cryptocurrency market entry

2020The number of traded currency pairs increased to 300

2021Shanghai representative office opening

2021The volume of marginal loans exceeds $1B per year

2022EXMO becomes the market leader

2022The Exchange’s revenue from margin loans reaches $2B

EXMO CoinFunctional Token

The EXMO Coin Crowdsale will enable the platform`s rapid development. One of the team's core priorities is to cover the growing demand for margin loans.

Symbol: EXO

10 Sep 2018 - 10 Oct 2018

The EXMO platform has been operating since 2013, there are over 700,000 registered users from all around the world. The Exchange has showcased fast growth over the years of its existence and an increased year-on-year performance (2017 has seen a 188% surge in our clients’ base). The company has offices in London and Barcelona. EXMO is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.

The Benefits for Investors or Why it’s profitable to invest in EXMO Coin

– EXO gives dividends
– EXO tokens are issued by an operating, profitable business;
– The growth of EXO rate with the growth of crypto-market
– The guaranteed growth of EXO token rate
– The guaranteed token buyout from its holders
– Insurance Fund

Token Details

EXMO Coin (EXO) entitles its holder to receive a part of the company’s profit from margin loans. Investors, or EXO token holders, will receive 50% of the revenue derived from margin loans distributed among them in the form of dividends on a monthly basis. The said revenue is to be received from the turnover of funds raised in the course of the Crowdsale. Dividends on EXO tokens are to be distributed among their holders based on the number of tokens owned.

EXMO Coin is a unique business model in the cryptocurrency world, as it enables investors to grow their crypto capital while staying confident about their investment
security. The ERC20 standard makes the assets easily interchangeable and ensures they can work with Dapps that adhere to the same standard.

During the Pre-sale and the main Crowdsale, EXO tokens can be purchased for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and ZCash.

What can you do with an EXO token:

1. Keep it to receive the monthly dividends.
2. Trade it on the Exchange.
3. Exchange it for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

EXMO Coin (EXO) token grants its holder the right to receive a part of the company’s profit from a margin loan. All EXO holders are entitled to receive dividends on a monthly basis corresponding to the quantity of EXMO Coins owned. 50% of the revenue derived from margin loans will be distributed among the EXMO Coin token holders in the form of dividends on a monthly basis.

Issued in total: 300,250,000 EXO
EXO tokens availability: EXO 295,000,000.
Exchange rate: The EXO token price during the Crowdsale: 1 EXO = $1 USD
Hard cap: (Pre-sale + Crowdsale) $300,000,000 = EXO 300,000,000.
Minimum investment: EXO 15.
Platform: Ethereum

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