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Key People

Jiten RajputChief Executive Officer

Yogesh TrivediChief Operating Officer

Fabrizio CaneChief Technical Officer

Steve HunterSystem/IT Administrator

Tzuriel KahlonIT Analyst

Rajesh VyasSystem Administrator


Oct '18 - Dec '18 Private Sale Launch; ICO Goes Live Round 1 – Pre Sale

EncrybitFunctional Token

Research based modern cryptocurrency exchange with an attractive UI and is fully equipped with a plethora of advanced features.

Symbol: ENCX

01 Nov 2018 - 03 Dec 2018

Encrybit is a first research-based company, focused on developing a secure cryptocurrency exchange that doesn’t compromise on agility or user-friendliness. Its revolutionary trading platform offers a streamlined experience for traders to research, analyze and trade with ease and insight.

Today there are more than 100 cryptocurrency exchanges available and all have their USP, pros and cons. Each one of them doing best at their level. But the beauty of Encrybit exchange is that it is developed around the trader’s likes, dislikes and the features they desire to have in an exchange. In our team, most of the members are traders further categorized into long term investors, swing traders and day traders, which help us to build our exchange strictly around the traders’ perspective. Hence, our trading platform provides exactly what the trader’s community want to have in crypto exchange and that’s why we call our exchange as Trader’s exchange! We want the cryptocurrency trading to be easy and fun; at the same time, reduce the risks over profits.

Token Details

ENCX is the key element of the Encrybit ecosystem, It will be utilized to administrate the exchange operations with multiple uses in various tasks and fees. ENCX will also determine the exchange revenue model with trading, coin listing, and various other activities.

We’ll be utilizing three important activities for increasing ENCX token demand:

  • One can utilize ENCX to encash a 50% discount on the trading fee.
  • 40% of coin listing fee will be charged in ENCX.
  • Every quarter Encrybit will utilize its 10% of total profit to buy back the ENCX from circulating supply. Burn process will be in action immediately after successful buyback every quarter.

There will be more activities and products Encrybit will launch which will be available for community utilizing ENCX.

Total supply is 270,000,000, circulating supply after the sale will be 172,800,000 and per ENCX price is $0.2. 60% of total supply is available for sale during Private, Pre and Public ICO.