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Key People

Enam ChowdhuryFounder, CEO, CTO

Zobaida SultanaManaging Director, Bangladesh

Shariar MhaboobCOO, Bangladesh

Shivasangarry RajuSingapore Business Development

Osman Goni NahidLead Software Engineer

Saiful BasharSoftware Engineer

Sabbir AhmedSoftware Engineer

Abdullah Al MosabbirSoftware Engineer


Q1 2017EkkBaz conceptualization and team formation in stealth mode.

Q2 2017Ordering mobile app released in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Q3 2017Booking feature released to mobile app.

Q4 2017Piloting with manufacturers and grocery stores for feedback. Chat module released.

Q1 2018Analytics & Forecasting module released based on feedback. Announcement for Token Offering using ICO.

Q2 2018ICO Token Sale & Distribution.

Q3 2018General availability in Bangladesh & Singapore. Release of BAZ Store and EkkBaz Business web app.

Q4 2018Release of in-market fiat payment support. Expand to Malaysia and select states in India.

Q1 2019Release of blockchain privatized network alpha.

Q2 2019Release of blockchain privatized network beta. Expand to Indonesia.

Q3 2019Release of blockchain identity alpha.

Q4 2019Release of blockchain identity beta. Release of TestNet Release of blockchain smart contract alpha.

Q1 2020Release of blockchain smart contract beta. Release of BAZ Brain alpha. Expand to Thailand.

Q2 2020Release of BAZ Brain beta. Expand to Vietnam.

Q3 2020Release of BAZ Protocol beta. Expand to Philippines.

Q4 2020General availability of BAZ Protocol. Expand to Australia and New Zealand.

YR 2021Growing the platform and further expansion to more countries in Asia, Africa. and Latin America.


EkkBaz will be developing BAZ Protocol, a decentralized and intelligent network with purpose-built components for FMCG businesses.

Symbol: EKK

25 Jun 2018 - 25 Jul 2018 13:00 (UTC +8)

Next-generation business to business collaboration for FMCG industry as part of EkkBaz Business mobile app.

EkkBaz will be developing BAZ Protocol, a next-generation B2B collaboration for FMCG businesses as part of its EkkBaz Business mobile app, powered by blockchain, artificial intelligence, social and collaborative technologies to significantly simplify B2B interactions, removing middlemen and empower the root level business users.

Below are some of the BAZ Protocol component that will be made available through EkkBaz Business App:

  • Smart Ordering – Smart Ordering will allow real-time efficient ordering between the grocery store and manufacturers using smart contract and blockchain.
  • Revenue Generation – Grocery store owners will have new revenue stream by allowing their spaces to be booked by manufacturers for product exhibition purposes using smart contract and blockchain. Manufacturers can also give loyalty reward to the grocery store.
  • Digital Inclusion – EkkBaz will provide Blockchain based QR Code identity for grocery stores and provide tools to integrate with other business solutions through Baz Store.
  • Intelligent Assistant – EkkBaz will allow maximizing product assortment in the store and increase sales with AI, which will advise on the best possible ordering outcomes using Machine Learning based forecasting and predictions.

Token Details

The EKK Token Offering is broken down into two segments: Token Sale and Token Distribution. One billion (1,000,000,000) EKK Tokens will be offered across these two segments, as detailed below.

1. 400,000,000 EKK Tokens (40% of the total amount of EEK Tokens offered) will be distributed during the Token Sale segment. The Token Sale segment will have one period, a fixed exchange rate, and a varied bonus to allow early supporters to take part. Period 1 will be 14 days to allocate sufficient time for our supporters.

2. 600,000,000 EKK Tokens (60% of the total amount of EEK Tokens offered) will be distributed during the Token Distribution segment. The Token Distribution segment will start after the Token Sale segment is successfully completed. The allocated tokens for the segment will be split evenly into 600 consecutive 23-hour periods of 1,000,000 EKK tokens each. At the end of each 23-hour period, the respective number of EKK Tokens set forth will be distributed pro-rata amongst all authorized purchasers, based on the total ETH contributed during those periods. This is to allow a wide and fair distribution so that more people can participate and have more time to gather information and access the project merits.

Token Sale Start date: 25th June 2018
Start time: 13:00 (UTC + 8) Singapore time
End date: 9th July 2018
End time: 12:59 (UTC + 8) Singapore Time
Period: 1
Payment methods: ETH
Soft cap: 2,000 ETH
Token exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 EKK Tokens
Total EKK Token supply for the period: 400,000,000
Min. purchase: 0.1 ETH
Purpose: Private sale and crowd sale to raise initial funds needed for the project to continue.

Token Distribution
Start date: 1st August 2018
Start time: 13:00 (UTC + 8) Singapore time
End date: 23rd March 2020
End time: 12:59 (UTC + 8) Singapore Time
Period: 2 to 601
Payment methods: ETH
Cap for the segment: 600,000,000 EKK Token
Token supply per period: 1,000,000
Number of periods: 600
Duration of each period: 23 hours
Min. purchase: 0.1 ETH
Purpose: To allow more participants to take part and raise funds for future expansions and development