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Key People

Chris TseFounding Director

Ed FaulknerLead Developer

Hassan Abdel-RahmanSr. Blockchain Developer

Justin ThongData Scientist

Ken RossiUx Lead

Chris GardellaLead Designer

Wilfred ChanManaging Editor

Will BagbySenior Developer

Aaron SikesSenior Developer

Jacqueline ThongHead of Operations


2018Cardstack for Users including Docker Contextual Messaging, Membership Affiliations, Global Billing, Matrix Communications

2019Cardstack for Networks includes Card Catalog, Automated ML Agents, Stakeholder Governance, Peer-to-Peer Node, Native App Shell, Continuous Synchronization, In-Hub/At-Edge Machine-Learning

CardstackFunctional Token

Cardstack is a leap forward for blockchain at every layer of the software stack — providing a toolset that unlocks the potential of the decentralized Internet for everyone.

Symbol: CARD

31 May 2018 - 30 Jun 2018

Cardstack aims to be one of the feature-richest platforms for decentralized application development, with our support for smart-contract code generation, schema-driven data management, distributed versioning, as well as messaging and workflow facilitation. Our plug-in architecture makes it possible to build complex use cases that leverage multiple blockchains and consensus models, like blending a public ledger for tradable tokens with a private ledger for scalable transaction processing within one cohesive, user-facing environment.

Looking forward, we will work to make it easier to design, develop, and deploy Cardstack experiences to any channel where end users are active. We plan to introduce user-controlled machine learning plug-ins to Cardstack Hub, which will help users automate common workflow decisions, so as to increase the velocity of interactions on business networks that are built on Cardstack.


Cardstack Foundation – is responsible for allocating the proceeds from the fundraiser in a way that is compliant with applicable legal and tax regulations.
Cardstack Syndicate – serves as the primary research and development agency to continue to build the core platform and integrate other apps and services as plug-ins.
Cardstack Institute – is a subproject of the Foundation, tasked to analyze how the ecosystem is functioning and to propose improvements for the reward function and other models.
Cardstack Studio – helps clients and partners adopt and deploy Cardstack solutions and is primarily funded through consulting revenues.
Cardstack Financial – works to make it easy to purchase Cardstack software and services with fiat.
Cardstack Live – is a subproject of the Syndicate and produces events, rich media, and education materials.

Token Details

The Cardstack project implements a payment and governance mechanism that facilitates the usage of the software and services via a hybrid token acting as a utility token, a work token, and a reward token.

Cardstack Token (CARD)

  • Name: Cardstack Token
  • Symbol: CARD
  • Token Type: ERC20 on Ethereum
  • Jurisdiction: Zug, Switzerland
  • Hard cap: $35,000,000 in USD
  • Soft cap: $10,000,000 in USD
  • Token Created at TGE: 6,000,000,000 CARD
  • Token Available for Public at TGE: 2,400,000,000 CARD (40%)
  • Bonus for Pre-Allocation: 10%
  • KYC/AML: Yes
  • TGE Date: Q1 2018 (projected)
  • Method of Contribution: ETH
  • Whitelisting of Ethereum Address: Required for crowd fundraiser
  • Individual Caps: Enforced by smart contract during crowd fundraiser
  • Vesting Schedule: Foundation (5 years), Syndicate & Team (4 years), Ecosystem Initiatives (2 years)
  • Inflation / Mining Function: Additional 4,000,000,000 tokens distributed over 10 years to bootstrap reward pools for software makers and analytic miners
  • Maximum Number of Tokens: 10,000,000,000 CARD in 2028
  • Excludes Contributors From: United States, Cuba, Iran, North Korea

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