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Key People

Denis PetrovcicCo-Founder & CEO

Viktor BrajakCo-Founder & CTO

Peter MercLegal Counsel

Damijan SlaparAdvisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Michael TrubesteinAdvisory Board Member


April 18th, 2018Series A, Alpha/Beta Testing, Beta Release, Market Validation, Primary Team Expansion, Community Growth.

2019Series B, Official Release, Opening New Markets, Market Growth, Secondary Team Expansion

TBDSeries C, Features Development, Global Market Growth, Secondary Products Development, Global Team Expansion, Strategic Acquisitions

TBDFuture Rounds, Depending on the progress and market, evaluation, our crowdfunding efforts may leave Blocksqaure with BST tokens for possible series E, F, D crowdsales to steadily grow Blocksquare as the platform adoption increases.


Blocksquare enables established real estate businesses to create and offer tokenized real estate investment deals directly on their website, opening the world of commercial real estate to anyone with an internet connection.

Symbol: BST

18 Apr 2018 - 18 May 2018 1500 GMT

Blocksquare is a set of protocols and smart contracts that enable platforms to use a trusted standard system for commercial property tokenization.

Established real estate businesses (Certified Partners) find a good investment deal on their local market and use Blocksquare’s provided framework to initiate the tokenization process. Network participants known as Validators then verify the tokenization proposal and confirm its accuracy. After the property specific smart contract (PropToken contract) is deployed on the Ethereum network, a PropToken Generation Event (PTGE) is created, promoted and executed by the Certified Partner directly on their website. Once the PTGE is successful, collected funds are sent to the seller of the property, while issued PropTokens can be bought or sold on Blocksquare’s decentralized PropToken exchange. Blocksquare is developing using the 0x protocol to provide the best possible solution for tokenized property exchange.

Funds raised during our Series A will be used to take Blocksquare one step further in business development, provide liquidity of the BST token through exchange partners and establish a strong presence, tokenizing real estate through established RE companies. Our product is now near ready and we expect the have first tokenized real estate deals on the market by end of Q2 2018.

Token Details

The Blocksquare token (BST) is an Ethereum based utility token used to fuel the Blocksquare system. Real Estate Businesses that wish to use it to tokenize real estate investment deals, hold & spend BST to create and deploy PropToken Generation Events.

Holding BST on your wallet enables users to buy into PropToken Generation Events as first buyers’, and earn commission on the PropToken’s future trade activity, resulting in a passive income stream. Properties generate rent income used to buy BST tokens on the market, to be then distributed to PropToken holders. The more properties in the network, the higher the
demand for BST tokens.

Series A Token Sale

Blocksquare chooses to follow a multi-series crowdsale approach (presale, series A, B, C…), similar to the proven model used by VCs to grow their startup investments. We believe this strategy gives our funding more flexibility and at the same time pushes us to prove ourselves worthy of your long-term trust.

Series A Hard Cap: 300,000 USD
BST for Series A: 1,200,000 BST
Series A BST price: 1 BST = 0,25 USD
Series A bonus: 25% bonus for all contributions sent up to 60 minutes after the crowdsale start

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