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Key People

Daniel HaneltChief Executive Officer

Kjeld PetersChief Technology Officer

Daniel WischerChief Product Officer

Merle MolitorChief Communication Officer

Jens KappeChief Visionary Officer

Jonas BadingChief Sales Officer

Sven EismannChief Marketing Officer

Thomas BartzChief Financial Officer

Carsten Buchberger Chief Human Resources Officer


2014Magicline 2.0: Start of development to digitize sport facility management. Decision to replace existing market leading facility managment software in MS-Acesss with cloud version

2017Magicline 2.0 is released; 3,000 customers are migrated to Magicline 2.0 which becomes a full success Release of the first version of the NoExcuse app, being part of the customer interface for people to interact with their sports providers, as e.g. fitness studios.

Q3-Q4 2018BEAT Tokens listed on Exchanges. Continued development on the BEAT Ecosystem and preparing to launch the alpha version to our token holders.

2020Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem to the world. Continue adding new service providers and partner gyms to the BEAT ecosystem. Continued development to expand and improve BEAT.

2015-2016Ecosystem development to digitize sport facility management; Incorporation of Eurofit24 currently managing a volume of €50M worth of receivables per year; Incorporation of and MySports; Development of “NoExcuse" App by MySports. Team grew to 140 employees.

Q1-2 2018BEAT Token Sale preparation and launch; Hiring a global team of blockchain crypto experts and advisors; Publication of an enhanced version of NoExcuse app.

2019Roll-out of the BEAT Ecosystem in Germany

2021Promotion for global adoption of the BEAT Ecosystem. Continue to add partner gyms and service providers to our network.

BeatFunctional Token

Unleash the value of verified health and sports data using blockchain technology.

Symbol: BEAT

20 Feb 2018 - 15 Jul 2018

Unlock the hidden value of your health and fitness data with the BEAT Blockchain – one heartbeat at a time.

Imagine an immutable record of your health and fitness data that seamlessly connects you with all the institutions, companies and people that can help you leverage it. BEAT is exactly this: a state-of-the-art blockchain platform that safe keeps your data and allows you to share it with sports sponsors, talent scouts, doctors, researchers, insurance companies and many more to unlock the vast potential hidden within your health and fitness data.

The Problems We’re Solving:

Harnessing the true potential from the billions of data points generated every day in the world of Sports and Health.


The biggest obstacle that stands in the way of getting more people to exercise on a regular basis is the lack of motivation. We’re providing a viable reward scheme as an incentive for people to set tractable goals in their journey towards fitness.


BEAT creates an ecosystem that allows users to monetize the verified health data that they generate every time the exercise, and on the consumer end of the spectrum, allows corporations to purchase those data on the blockchain


We’re allowing users to access and ownership of the data that they produce every time they exercise. They can decide who to share this data with — whether it is with a fitness provider, a team of university researchers, or a health institution.

Token Details

Symbol – BEAT
Hardcap – 35M EURO
Max token supply – 5 Billion BEATs
Max circulating supply – 3.5 Billion BEATs
Tokens for sale – 3.5 Billion BEATs
Token price – 0.019 EUR
Blockchain Specifications – ERC20 token
Decimal – 18
Token sale ends – 15th July – 13:00 UTC

The BEAT ecosystem allows data creators and consumers to share their fitness data in exchange for BEAT tokens. We also allow users to build contracts in exchange for staying healthy, like a company rewarding its employees for going to the gym!

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