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Abele Group

Key People

Phil A. WoodsChief Executive Officer

Gavin CostinLead Blockchain Architect

Lucio IdoneLead Data Scientist

Kimberly CarrollSenior Digital Marketer

Ernesto LeeSystems Architect

Ifeanyi JemieBusiness Development

Brittanie ClementPublic Relations


2018Abele Trust: Develop V1, Beta Test, Live Version, ICO

2019Abele Chain: Develop V1, Beta Tet, Live Version, ICO / Abele Trust: Develop V2, Banking Services, 1,000,000 clients

2020Abele TS: Release Beta, Live Version, 1,500 Users, ICO; Abele Trust: 5,000,000 Clients; Abele Chain: V2 Released

2021Abele Asset Management: Begin trading $150 million AUM, ICO; Abele Trust: 10,000,000 clients; Abele Chain: V3 Released; Abele TS: 5,000 users

2022 50x Return - $5 billion revenue, Abele Trust: 15 million users; Abele Chain: V4; Abele TS: 10,000 users; Abele AM: $500 million AUM

Abele GroupTokenized Security (Registered)

Abele Group is building a fully digital custodial bank to store and secure coins, tokens, and digital assets.

Symbol: ABT

29 May 2018 - 29 Sep 2018

The Abele Group will use innovative blockchain technology, which relies on distributed ledgers and operates transparently, with independent validation and verification of all information. This improves the security of transmitting and storing financial data which allows investors to trust the process rather than an institution. The advantages of blockchain technology include instant transaction settlement, lower costs, transparency, a complete audit chain, and immutable, irrevocable transactions. Abele Technologies and Abele Asset Management will selectively use Artificial Intelligence (Al) to help market participants reduce costs and increase the security of their services

Abele Technologies will create a digital custody depository—Abele Trust—that accepts coins and tokens primarily for storage. Abele Trust will provide the market with a highly scalable digital custodian that acts as an industry safe harbor, which is built on, operated by, and secured with blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. We will create a digital custodial depository that safeguards retail and institutional investor’s cryptographic and digital assets. The Abele Trust prototype currently exists.

ABELE will establish its two subsidiary business units: ABELE TECHNOLOGIES and ABELE ASSET MANAGEMENT. ABELE TECHNOLOGIES will create and operate ABELE Trust, one of the world’s first fully digital custodians for ALL investors that exclusively stores and holds in-trust digital coins/ tokens in an institutionally secure manner. This business unit will also develop and distribute trade management software called AbeleTS, which will be built on Blockchain technology and ensure asset management and fund administration is more cost efficient. AbeleTS will also allow asset managers to execute and reconcile financial transactions efficiently and securely, which will result in lower expenses for ALL investors. ABELE ASSET MANAGEMENT will provide ALL investors access to actively managed hedge funds with investments in cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. This token sale is designed to give participants access to risk-managed growth in these markets without requiring the large minimum investment traditionally associated with hedge funds.

Token Details

Abele Token will provide you access to the Abele Group’s suite of products. The token itself performs the functions of both a security and a utility. The Abele Token will be registered with the SEC pursuant to Regulation A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and the Abele Group will be regulated by various agencies around the world.

The Abele Token Sale provides you with:

  • An SEC regulated token sale
  • Access to the Abele Group Product Suite
  • Access to an early stage technology company with a long-term business plan
  • Profit sharing in the form of optional token buybacks in the secondary market
  • Transparency via periodic reporting and audits

The Abele Group Token Sales will occur in several rounds to international (Non-USA) investors, USA accredited investors and to USA retail investors in a public sale following the qualification of the Form 1-A under SEC Regulation A+.

  • Expected Raise $100 Million
  • Token Cap Range 71.4 – 95.3 Million
  • Options on Tokens w / 1y, 2y Expiry
  • Option pricing on website
  • Initial Token Price: $0.75
  • Minimum purchase: $100
  • Payment: ETH, BTC, FIAT Currencies

PRIVATE SALE – 1st Offering Period, Date: TBD
Price: $0.75

PRESALE – 2nd Offering Period, Date: TBD
Price: $0.83

MAIN SALE – 3rd Offering Period, Date: TBD
Price: $1.00