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Exchanges provide services to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets for national currencies and other cryptocurrencies. Exchanges play an essential role in the cryptocurrency economy by offering a marketplace for trading, liquidity, and price discovery.

COINVIL and GLOSFER to set up local bitcoin exchange in the Philippines

GLOSFER, a first-generation blockchain company based out of South Korea, announced that it has signed an agreement with COINVIL on operating a cryptocurrency exchange in the Philippines.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bibox launches interest bearing coin lockups

Cryptocurrency exchange Bibox announced today that at 10:00 (Beijing time) on May 10, they will be launching “CunBiBao” enabling users to earn interest against their coins held on the exchange.

New Cryptopia CEO provides 10 week status report

It has been ten weeks since Alan Booth assumed the position of CEO at New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia and has now informed users regarding the progress and current status of the exchange as it continues to grow. 

NEO-based decentralised exchange Switcheo ready for v 2.0

Switcheo, the DEX built for the NEO Platform which launched in the beginning on April 2018 has already announced the launch of Switcheo Exchange v 2.0.

OKCoin increases deposit and withdrawal limits

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange OKCoin International, which relaunched on April 13th, announced to users today that they have increased the deposit and withdrawal limit for both individual and corporate users.

Binance adds support for Ripple XRP / Tether USDT

Back in November 2017, cryptocurrency exchange Binance listed Ripple (XRP) trading support against BTC and ETH, as the company was adding new crypto assets at a daily pace.

Crypto/gold exchange Vaultoro implements Bitcoin Lightning Network

Crypto/physical gold exchange Vaultoro announced today that it is the first bitcoin exchange in the world to have developed and released an implementation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network as an instant deposit method.

UK bitcoin exchange Bitlish enables SWIFT and SEPA transactions

Bitlish, a UK bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange today announced that it has made SWIFT and SEPA transactions available starting now. This service was earlier allowed in a limited country list only.

P2P ether exchange localethereum adds over 20 new payment methods

P2P ether (ETH) portal localethreum announced today that by popular request, it has added 22 new payment methods. Now the P2P portal offers 39 unique payment methods, and said they plan to add even more in the months ahead.

Wyre launches dedicated OTC cryptocurrency trading desk

Wyre, a payments provider that has facilitated $3.5 billion in cryptocurrency trades, announced today that they are expanding their concierge trading service with the launch of a dedicated OTC cryptocurrency trading desk.

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex sets new & improved trade fees

Circle, the peer-to-peer payments technology company which acquired Poloniex, the largest altcoin/cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S. back in February 2018 has made their first mark announcing today new and improved trading fees for users.

New Singapore crypto exchange Kryptono opens for registration

Today May 1st, new Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Kryptono opened for account registration and is expected to open to the public for trading on June 1, 2018.

Crypto exchange HitBTC partners with London’s Sequant Capital

Sequant Capital, an FCA UK regulated broker experienced in managing portfolios for professional investors for over 10 years today announced a strategic partnership with HitBTC, an advanced and long-running cryptocurrency exchange featuring over 300 cryptocurrencies in more than 500 trading pairs, with an average daily trading volume of $192 million.

Bitfinex adds Stellar (XLM), Verge (XVG), and BitcoinInterest (BCI)

Bitfinex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering services for digital currency traders and global liquidity providers,  today announced the introduction of two new token listings to its trading platform.

BitMEX to launch its first cryptocurrency options product

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX today announced a new options product called UPs and DOWNs. This marks a significant milestone in the product development history of the BitMEX platform says CEO Arthur Hayes.
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