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Simdaq launching smart contract crypto trade marketplace on Waves

SIMDAQ marketplace announced it will provide an opportunity to purchase and sell trading signals and robots, leadership in social trading, training content and more on Waves.

Waves token May airdrop now underway

The Waves Platform community has announced an airdrop campaign which is now taking place from May 16th to June 2nd. Waves, with its Waves-NG upgrade, can support a super efficient and low-cost way of conducting huge airdrops.

Magento merchants can now receive payments in WAVES

Waves blockchain platform announced today its payments extension has been connected with e-commerce store app Magento 2, thus enabling both shoppers and merchants to pay for/receive payments in cryptocurrency — securely, faster, more transparently, and with payment processing fees close to zero.

Waves launches smart contracts on testnet

Waves, the open blockchain platform for custom token generation and trading with a wide range of effective tools for everyday use by enterprises and individuals – has released the first iteration of its smart contracts on testnet, with activation expected in early May.

Waves launches framework for cryptocurrency payment gateways

Waves, the blockchain platform for asset/custom token issuance, transfer and trading today announced a new framework that allows developers to quickly and easily deploy gateways to integrate new cryptocurrency coins within their ecosystem.

Waves Lab announces three new blockchain incubator projects

Waves Lab, the incubator for new blockchain and cryptocurrency based projects from the Waves platform has announced three new promising initiatives today, they are Paytomat, Tradingene, and Digilira.

Waves blockchain partners with Tokenomy to push into SE Asia

Waves, the custom token generation and trading blockchain platform has announced it will collaborate with Indonesian initiative Tokenomy to push into major new global opportunities. The partnership with the project, which has just completed the final stage of its $20 million crowdfund – selling 40,000 tokens for over $2 million in just three hours – will enable compliant blockchain integration for large corporations in the region, opening up the vast Southeast Asian market for the custom tokens platform.

Waves launches first desktop application

Waves, the blockchain platform for custom asset token generation and trading today announced they have released the Waves Client Beta as a standalone app. After the successful beta launch last December of the lite client, the team quickly went to work on developing the desktop version for the community.

First Waves Lab ICO incubation Simdaq raises $5 million

The first major Waves ICO of the year has closed as Simdaq, a community trading platform, managed to raise $5 million in a little over a day. 

Waves establishes strategic partnership with International Financial Center Astana

Custom blockchain company Waves today announced a strategic partnership with IFCA, Astana’s International Financial Center, based in Kazakhstan. The memorandum of cooperation was signed at the CryptoHQ event, within the framework of the World Economic Forum currently being held in Davos, at which Waves also has a presence.

First projects get started at new Waves Lab blockchain incubator

Waves Lab, the incubator for new projects on the Waves platform, has announced a total budget of 1 million WAVES for future participants, as the first tranche of entrants launches their applications.

Waves partners with Group-IB to resolve phishing issues

The Waves team has reported receiving many episodes of pages in social media that are claiming to give away WAVES bonuses. Due to this, Waves has taken steps to address this problem, announcing the start of work with cybersecurity firm Group-IB, a global leader in combating high-tech crime and online fraud.

Waves to launch blockchain venture capital fund

Waves, the blockchain trading and custom asset/token generation platform announced today it will play a major role in creating a new blockchain venture product. ‘The Basics Fund’ will be dedicated to investment in blockchain assets and infrastructure. 

Waves-NG goes live on mainnet, company incorporated in Switzerland

Waves announced that its NG upgrade is now live on mainnet without any issues. The NG blockchain network upgrade makes Waves the fastest decentralized blockchain platform in the world in usage and paves the way for more mass-market applications.

Waves Lab blockchain incubator launches

Open-source custom blockchain Waves Platform announced today that as part of its plans to expand the Waves ecosystem over the coming year, it is now proud to launch the Waves Lab.
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