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Cryptocurrency is derived from the word cryptography, which refers to the consensus keeping process secured by strong cryptography. Blockchain technology functions in managing and maintaining a growing set of data blocks by using the decentralized or known as the P to P, peer to peer network. In blockchain, once a piece of data is recorded it cannot be edited or changed.

Melonport enters phase III of development, begins feasibility study on Melonchain

Melonport AG, a Swiss company for technology regulated investment funds, made history earlier this year by deploying the first decentralized protocol for asset management to the Ethereum mainnet in Feb 2018.

iTRACE launches anti-counterfeit marking service for blockchain connected security

iTRACE Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of secure Anti-Grey Market and Anti Counterfeit solutions, announced today the opening of its first Secure 2DMI Marking Service based in Dongguan China.

RSK Labs to partner with EVShare for autonomous ridesharing service

Today, EVShare Foundation and RSK Labs announced a partnership to create sustainable, accessible and comfortable autonomous ride-sharing powered with clean, renewable energy. This advance in transportation is made possible with 21st-century IoT information technology, including the RSK Bitcoin-based blockchain and smart contracts.

IBM and Veridium join forces to bring carbon credits onto blockchain

Veridium Labs Ltd, a company incubated by EnVision Corporation, is collaborating with IBM to help transform the carbon credit market using IBM blockchain technology with the goal of making it easier for companies to offset their environmental footprints.

Cogeco Peer 1 joins DigitalBits to support application service providers with blockchain

The DigitalBits Foundation and Cogeco Peer 1, a global provider of essential business-to-business products and services, today announced that Cogeco Peer 1 has joined the DigitalBits Partner Ecosystem.

A look at the new Syscoin encrypted messaging system

As part of Syscoin’s upgrade to version 3.0, they have introduced a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications. One of these tools is the Syscoin Encrypted Messaging Service.

Ripple announces XRP use-case project incubator Xpring

Today the Ripple team officially announced Xpring (pronounced Spring). Xpring is a new initiative by Ripple that will invest in, incubate, acquire and provide grants to companies and projects run by proven entrepreneurs.

NEO and Ontology sign MOU concerning strategy and technology

The NEO Foundation and Ontology Foundation announced today the two teams have signed Memorandum of Understanding concerning strategy and technology integration. NEO is dedicated to realizing a distributed network that serves the smart economy.

Qtum unveils x86 Virtual Machine

Qtum, the first blockchain protocol to successfully deploy a Proof-of-Stake consensus model, has announced that co-founder and lead developer Jordan Earls will be demoing Qtum’s x86 Virtual Machine at the Consensus conference during New York Blockchain Week.

Poland first to implement banking records on blockchain

Billon, a blockchain technology company and the Polish Credit Office (Biuro Informacji Kredytowej – BIK), the largest credit bureau in Central and Eastern Europe, will implement blockchain for storage and secure access to sensitive customer information.

FP COMPLETE to provide audit of blockchain platform CREDITS

Open blockchain platform CREDITS announced that they have signed an agreement with FP Complete to provide an independent initial assessment of the engineering work completed by the development team and to make recommendations for further improvements of CREDITS blockchain platform.

Evident Proof and Swytch to capture energy production data on blockchain

Evident Proof, the Ethereum blockchain and token-based service that turns data into immutable proof of evidence chains, has partnered with Swytch – the blockchain platform for sustainable and renewable energy – to create a proprietary blockchain that will be used to capture energy production from generation equipment.

ParcelX and Metaverse to build parcel delivery network using blockchain

Public blockchain platform Metaverse and ParcelX, a decentralized cross-border parcel delivery network have agreed to officially move forward with a previously announced strategic partnership. Under the terms of this partnership, both parties will work together closely to establish a global, cross-border parcel delivery network using blockchain technology.

CHAIN ID, developed using loopchain to be used in Samsung Pass ID service

Seoul, South Korea based theloop, Inc., a leading provider of private blockchain solutions announced today that the Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA), which theloop is participating as a technical partner to develop CHAIN ID, has signed an MOU with Samsung Electronics to incorporate CHAIN ID in Samsung’s ‘Samsung Pass’ service.

Streamr partners with Hewlett Packard for real-time data monetization

Streamr, a blockchain-backed data platform today announced an ongoing partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, leading technology solutions, and innovation company. The partnership has been formed to integrate the technology of a chosen vehicle, HPE’s interfacing, and Streamr’s Engine, resulting in vehicle data being delivered in real-time to the Streamr Marketplace.
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