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Bitcoin automated teller machines provide an easy way to buy and sometimes sell bitcoin for cash. LTC and other crypto enabled ATMs have also developed.

General Bytes sells their 1,500th Bitcoin ATM, reduces BATMTwo L price

The team of General Bytes, the Bitcoin ATM and blockchain based technology company today announced a milestone having just sold their 1,500th ATM. This makes the company the second largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer to date.

Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource expands into Washington DC

Coinsource, a U.S. Bitcoin ATM network, today announced its first expansion into the Nation’s capital. Coinsource will install 20 machines across the District of Columbia and Maryland after receiving significant demand from local users.

Bitcoin ATM network CoinFlip adds support for Tron (TRX)

CoinFlip, a bitcoin ATM company has announced today some history with the newest coin available at all of its crypto ATMs. The ATM provider has added support for Tron (TRX).

Coinsource enters Colorado installing 8 new bitcoin ATMs

Coinsource, the US-based bitcoin ATM network, today announced its first expansion into the state of Colorado. Coinsource will install eight machines across the state in Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, and Lakewood after receiving many requests from bitcoin users and local merchants.

Athena Bitcoin ATMs enable bitcoin cash (BCH)

It was announced today from Athena, a provider of bitcoin ATMs in the US and Mexico, that the company has now enabled the buying and selling of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at any Athena Bitcoin ATM.

Coinsource installs new software across its bitcoin ATM network

Coinsource, the bitcoin ATM network company has revealed today a new in-house software stack to improve the user experience at each of their nearly 400 bitcoin ATM machines across the United States.

Inventor of token sale helps launch new one to grow Coinme bitcoin ATM network

Coinme, a venture-backed cryptocurrency financial services and blockchain technology company today announced UpToken (UP), a partnership with the cryptocurrency community to accelerate deployment of the largest crypto ATM network in the world.

CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs add Ether and Litecoin capabilities

It was announced today from CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM that the service now provides support for Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) transactions. The company uses hardware from GeneralBytes and is currently operating BATMTwo one-way cash to crypto units and as well as a recently deployed a BATMThree two-way terminal.

Coinsource installs its first bitcoin ATMs in Arizona

Coinsource, the bitcoin ATM network, has just launched five new machines in the Phoenix, Arizona Metropolitan Area, marking Coinsource’s first venture into the western state. The bulk installation caps off a Q1 and Q2 for the Texas-based company, which has installed 50 machines so far this year, increasing its portfolio to 116 machines across 10 states.

Athena Bitcoin will now sell litecoin

Athena Bitcoin (or shall we say, Athena Litecoin?), the popular Bitcoin ATM and wallet provider announced today they will now start selling Litecoin (LTC) from their automated teller machines.

Japan’s Oki releases new bitcoin capable ATM for Southeast Asia markets

OKI Electric Industry, Japan’s leading telecommunications manufacturer today announced the launch of a new cash-recycling ATM, ATM-Recycler G8, targeting overseas markets. Incorporating expertise accumulated by OKI in Japanese and international markets, this ATM is a strategic product in response to higher speed and greater capacity for expanding cash demand which will include a need for future scalability.

Athena Bitcoin launches new website and adds advanced new wallet tools

Fresh off adding new bitcoin ATM locations in Florida last month, U.S. based Athena Bitcoin has announced a revamp of its website plus the addition of new tools within its wallet app for advanced users.

AlphaVend’s new UK Bitcoin ATM to also support Litecoin (LTC)

AlphaVend has just launched its first 24-hour bitcoin machine on Brighton’s seafront, yards from the famous seaside town’s iconic pier. After successfully deploying machines in London and Scotland, AlphaVend is optimistic about its location on England’s south coast.

Coinsource completes bulk installation of 14 bitcoin ATM machines in New York City

Coinsource, the world’s largest bitcoin ATM network, has reached the 100 machine milestone after a Q1 expansion in New York, which has now added 14 kiosks to the Empire State since January.

Athena Bitcoin expands in Florida with 2 new ATMs

Athena Bitcoin has announced an expansion of its fleet of Bitcoin ATMs to six in the Sunshine State, with more to come says the company. The provider installed new Bitcoin ATMs at the following Florida locations: Powermart Coral Gables (inside the Mobile Mart) Address: 375 S Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33133 Open hours: 24/7 Powermart Sawgrass (inside the Mobile Mart) Address: 12580 W Sunrise Blvd, Sunrise, FL 33323 Open hours: 24/7 Visit the Athena locations page to view more ATMs in Florida and other parts of the country.

Alphavend puts up 2nd bitcoin ATM in London

Bitcoin ATM specialist, AlphaVend today announced the installation of its second London ATM, (its the third nationally) situated between Euston and Kings Cross underground stations. The UK’s largest independent high street provider of foreign exchange services will play host to the ATM which is located at the No1 Currency store, 128 Euston Road.

Coinsource completes installation of 14 new Bitcoin ATMs in California

Coinsource, a leading bitcoin ATM network, has added 14 new machines in California this month, marking their largest ever multi-machine installation in any area. Last year, the bitcoin ATM giant was adding an average of 1.2 machines per week; now just two months into the new year, they are installing them at a rate of 2.3 machines per week.

GENERAL BYTES new BATMTwo Bitcoin ATMs now shipping

Just a short note from Bitcoin ATM provider GENERAL BYTES who announced today they have received a brand new, factory fresh batch of BATMTwo Bitcoin ATMs and have resumed shipping out existing orders.

Bitcoin ATM firm Coinsource launches 3 new machines in St. Louis

Coinsource, a leading bitcoin ATM network, has announced its first push into the Midwest, by placing three machines in St. Louis, bringing its portfolio to over 80 machines nationwide with a 14% total market dominance in the United States.

New bitcoin ATM goes online at Zurich main train station

The latest bitcoin ATM is now available in Zurich Hauptbahnhof, the city main train station, in Switzerland. The ATM is directly located at The Western Union shop, located in the “Shopville” shopping mall beneath the train station.

BitXatm open source project released

Germany based BitXatm Technology LLC announced today it’s now releasing the “ Open Source” project to be hosted at Based on its flagship equipment SumoATM, it will come with the same high-quality components, carefully selected and tested for the SumoATM product range, with the same coated special aeronautics aluminum alloy framework, will look exactly like SumoATM, and with open source software.
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