Polkadot-based gateway Astar Network now supported on blockchain development platform Alchemy

Astar Network is a multi-chain gateway connecting various layer-1 blockchains to Polkadot...

Polkadot-based gateway Astar Network now supported on blockchain development platform Alchemy

Alchemy, a blockchain development platform, announced it now supports Polkadot parachain Astar Network, delivering developers more tools and services to build on the multi-chain smart contract hub.

“Supporting the developer ecosystem is Astar’s driving motivation. By partnering with Alchemy and making their blockchain engine available to Astar developers, we will bring even more innovation and growth to the builder community.”
– Sota Watanabe, Founder & CEO, Astar Network

EVM Compatibility + WASM Functionality

Astar is built on Parity Substrate, a framework that facilitates easy custom blockchain development. Substrate offers Astar built-in security benefits while it enables the Polkadot ecosystem to connect to all major layer-1 blockchains, including Ethereum, Acala, and soon Cosmos.

By bridging the Polkadot and EVM webs, Astar fosters shared security, interoperability, and cross-consensus messaging (XCM), expanding the benefits past cross-chain asset transfers.

It is through these advantages, Astar aims to become a hub of inventive and interoperable dApp projects, written in various languages.

Beyond EVM compatibility, Astar is looking to the future with WASM. Often dubbed Ethereum 2.0, WASM, (short for WebAssembly), is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine, that supports the benefits of EVM while providing enhanced speed and interoperability.

Astar’s support for both EVM and WASM also means developers can build on either Solidity or Rust.

dApp Staking Initiative

Noteworthy, Astar’s dApp staking initiative allows developers to get paid for the code that they write. Astar token holders can stake their tokens to nominate dApps, as long as a developer’s dApp has been nominated, the developer can earn a basic income, boosting the incentive to keep building.

Developers on Astar now have access to Alchemy products, which include:

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