What is the best time to post a video on TikTok to get views?

TikTok occupies a leading position in the ranking of the most popular and visited sites in 2022. A large audience, a simple interface and the ability to track statistics attracts young bloggers and celebrities. The platform is developing rapidly and often changes algorithms, so it’s not enough to shoot a high-quality video, upload it to the network and wait for the results. This worked at the very beginning, when the application was just starting to gain momentum. Bloggers who immediately began to conquer TikTok are called lucky, because it was much easier for them to get fame.

You need to put a lot of effort into achieving your goal if you want to become a popular maker. Since the competition in the network is great, you need to be able to use various ways of promotion, know how to use a hack and where to buy tiktok followers cheap. Do you have high-quality content, you post it regularly, your account looks presentable, but the videos don’t get into the top? This means that you are uploading content at the wrong time.

As in any social network, TikTok has certain periods of time in which it’s desirable to upload videos. What is important to consider when choosing the time for posting?

  1. Your audience is the most important indicator when choosing a time interval. If your videos are aimed at children and teenagers, then the time from 8 am to 17 pm may suit you (the peak time is after 13-14 pm). These figures are justified, since children and teenagers mostly go to social networks after school or college. Are you targeting an adult audience? Then choose a time when people take a break from work and routine chores, usually this is the time interval from 8 pm to 2 am on weekdays and evenings on weekends.
  2. TikTok differs from other platforms in that mostly people watch global recommendations, and not the bloggers they subscribe to. When choosing the time for posting, you need to take this nuance into account and strive to ensure that the content gets into the recommendations. Usually, when your videos get into the “top”, you learn about it from users, they support you as an author with their comments and help to increase activity so that as many people as possible watch the video.
  3. Free time from household chores and work is one of the main criteria when choosing the time. Users like to go to TikTok to scroll through the feed of useful, funny, interesting videos for a long time. You need to adjust to the work or study schedule of potential subscribers so that they have a lot of time to surf on the social network. If you post content when people are going to work or study, are on the road or on a lunch break, you are unlikely to get the desired result.
  4. Have you decided to publish content during rush hour? Then be prepared for the fact that you will have a lot of competition. Of course, you are not the only one trying to find the perfect time for posting. Therefore, you should stand out from the rest of the accounts. You can use other video processing applications to make your content look interesting and bright. Keep in mind that algorithms in any case put content from authors with good activity in the top first. Make sure that the profile looks aesthetically pleasing, and the number of subscribers and likes is significant. If you fail to gain an audience, you can buy tiktok followers to increase your competitiveness. After you use this hack, people will begin to subscribe to the account more actively, and algorithms will be more willing to promote the author’s content.

We gave basic tips on choosing a time interval for posting. But each author is unique, so you need to study the behavior of subscribers yourself. To do this, the social network has created special functions for the Pro account. You can see at what time there were good indicators for coverage. In order to calculate the best time, try posting the video at different times, you can analyze the result using statistics. 

Plan the publication time in advance. If you know that you need to upload a video at a certain time, then count on the fact that you first need to shoot it, process it in the program and only then upload it. You should have time in reserve to do everything in time.

In order to achieve this goal and become a popular maker in TikTok, it’s not enough to upload videos at a certain time. We need a comprehensive approach – a competent and aesthetic account design, an effective promotion strategy and a created base of likes, comments and followers. Experiment and don’t give up trying to fulfill your dream.

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