ChainAPI rolls out Airnode integration service to enable no-code web3 deployment for data providers

This newfound capability empowers data providers – regardless of background or technical knowledge of blockchain – to fully integrate themselves into the broader web3 space and capture new decentralized markets...

ChainAPI rolls out Airnode integration service to enable no-code web3 deployment for data providers

ChainAPI, a value-add service to first-party blockchain oracle solution API3’s Airnode, today announced the launch of its no-code Airnode integration service enabling API providers to seamlessly self-integrate and deploy first-party oracles within the broader blockchain space.

While existing oracle solutions traditionally involve intermediaries to support the onboarding and deployment of oracles into the blockchain ecosystem, ChainAPI powers self-deployment and eliminates the need to write code or engage a third party.

Airnode serves as an open-source gateway allowing APIs to directly connect to web3 without ongoing management or use of third parties. As such, businesses leveraging ChainAPI will have first-hand control of deployed oracles and on-chain data, resulting in full authority and ownership of their web3 business.

Additional key features of Airnode include:

Initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain for testing, ChainAPI is compatible with the widely-used Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to support the majority of traditional businesses looking to enter web3.

“The launch of ChainAPI is an incredible step forward in combining traditional and web3-native business ecosystems. Now, organizations that weren’t born on the decentralized web but want to serve projects built on various blockchains can achieve their goal without any previous blockchain experience. All a data provider needs to do is utilize the no-code solution, connect their API oracle, and deploy – it has never been easier.”
– Heikki Vänttinen, Co-Founder of API3

Ultimately, ChainAPI will aim to offer a number of advanced features related to monetization, management, and access control.