How does Bit2Me work? Is it reliable?

Today, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. If you are looking to join or participate in this market, you may be wondering which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges that you can trust with your investment capital. Due to this, today we bring some Bit2Me reviews and what you should know about this exchange.

What is Bit2Me?

Bit2Me is a Spanish company that is registered in Alicante. This offers exposure to cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Therefore, it is presented as an exchange platform, which not only allows you to buy Bitcoin with fiduciary money but also offers more functions; such as the sale of tokens or the acquisition of other recognized cryptos.

This company was born in 2014, and since then it has had the purpose of becoming something more than an exchange, offering extensive courses and articles related to cryptocurrencies on its blog. Therefore, it is almost certain that a large part of the users who hear about Bit2Me think of the academy they have since many of their articles are very well positioned on Google. It also has obtained approval from the Bank of Spain to be the “first provider of services for the exchange of virtual currency for fiat currency and the custody of digital wallets.

What makes Bit2Me stand out as an exchange?

First of all, one of the most outstanding aspects of Bit2Me is that it has an affiliate system with which you can earn up to 50% of what referrals pay in commissions. However, it also has various other aspects in which it stands out from the competition, starting with:

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bit2Me

Despite being a platform that possibly does not have negative aspects to highlight, you should know that just as there are positive points, we can also find some disadvantages.

Advantages of Bit2Me

Disadvantages of Bit2Me

Bit2Me reviews: is it reliable and safe or a scam?

By thoroughly analyzing the platform, we can confirm that Bit2Me is safe, complies with regulations, and is not a scam. It stands out mainly for the simplicity and ease with which it allows you to buy cryptocurrencies and for the high level that its technical service offers. In their way to offer the best service, they have partnered with Axie infinity, one of the largest blockchain play-to-earn games in the crypto industry.

If you are not a Bit2Me customer, you are almost certainly unaware of the meaning of exceptional service. Since, as a high percentage of its clients clarify, this platform pays all possible attention to its users, as well as assistance under all circumstances.

In addition, they carry out countless events on a regular basis, as well as multiple marketing campaigns on radio, TV, and the Internet. In order to make himself known in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Since its inception, they have proven to be a reliable and committed platform with users. Therefore, they take into account all kinds of criticism, comments, or suggestions, even when it comes to listing new tokens on the exchange.