New release of Quant’s blockchain gateway introduces smart contract creation

v2.1.7 of Overledger enables deployment of QRC20 smart contracts & payment capabilities...

New release of Quant's blockchain gateway introduces smart contract creation

Quant, a provider of enterprise-grade interoperability for the secure exchange of information and digital assets across any network, platform, or protocol, announced newly announced a new release for its Overledger blockchain gateway, which provides interoperability between blockchains with a single API.

Overledger 2.1.7 lets users create smart contracts for payments using tokenized money with an API. Additionally, Overledger natively supports twelve programming languages, so no additional programming or blockchain language is required. Also, QRC20 smart contracts can be deployed straight to the Ethereum Ropsten testnet directly by the UI.

This new smart contract functionality in Overledger is an important milestone…

QRC20 smart contracts can act as programmable money in an interoperable blockchain payment system.

v2.1.7 allows customers to deploy smart money and perform basic payment operations with REST/JSON APIs, including:

Once the QRC20 contract is deployed, a new set of QRC20 APIs will be automatically updated on Overledger to support the newly generated QRC20 token.

“Quant’s enterprise-grade smart contracts are highly secure and tested, developed by our team of PhDs and verified with external experts. They conform to the ERC20 standard for smart contracts and are production-ready for financial services applications. Quant is building additional smart contract templates and functionality in upcoming Overledger releases for payment and non-payment use across multiple blockchain platforms.”
– The Quant Team

For more details, see the full 2.1.7 Overledger release notes.

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