MetaMall Spaceship zones of Metaverse Land

It is becoming a fact that metaverse is going to play an important role in the metamorphosis of the internet and the global village. The metaverse is a virtual universe in which digital avatars will exist. In simple words, a metaverse is a virtual or digital type of universe that is building a whole digital ecosystem. This article is also based on the MetaMall spaceship zones of Metaverse land. 

Metaverse -Best Source of Human Interaction

Sooner or later it is sure that metaverse will include all the human interactions such as all businesses, ventures, seminars, social meetups, all of them will be upraised to a fortified state which is built by keeping in mind all the safeties, privacies, and developed relation will be handle by the advanced technology. 

MetaMall -Best Source of Experiencing Metaverse

As the progress of the global village is getting speed with the metaverse, the metaverse is also held by a very reliable platform -MetaMall. MetaMall is one of the leading platforms which is becoming an important source of providing people access to experience metaverse with its VR, AR, and blockchain technology. 

In this type of digital world, the personality and prestige will be guessed with your behavior and sophistication of your personal attributes in that universe that everyone will get along with the features for their own characters. So we can say that anyone will come out with any personal issues with the quality version he will create of their own personas. 

Benefits of Being a Part of MetaMall

MetaMall is developing all the possibilities to include all the zones and qualities of the metaverse in it. One of the majority sides of the metaverse zones belongs to public interaction places such as workplaces, meetup zones, etc, and public entertainment places such as shopping malls, retailers, and international experienced centers. All these zones will be experienced with the help of VR, AR, and blockchain technology. These types of technology are the basis of experiencing metaverse. 

MetaMall is strengthening all the social and working interactions and will provide a source of hypnotic pleasure that will provide the experience of shopping and business dealings more efficiently and better than the present traditional ways. 

MetaMall along with VR, AR, and blockchain technology will provide the experience of metaverse just like the well-known game Minecraft and Monopoly in which its gamers experience virtual shopping centers, cinemas, built their houses and empire virtually. But the difference between these games and metaverse is that all the virtual experiences in metaverse will provide real and physical benefits to its avatar users. Even you meet your loved ones, or lawyers, or even your personal secretaries and do consult and business dealings with them at any public meetup place on metaverse along with all the meetup records in it. 

Nevertheless, this universe will be virtual but all the endless possibilities that this universe will include in it will provide will be more beneficial and securer than the physical one. 

Progress of Metaverse Land Sale on MetaMall 

In these all above procedures, the work is already at its velocity as MetaMall has already sold more than $1 million worth of the metaverse property. As the MetaMall land sale is on air and its selling speed is increasing day after day. The resemblance of MetaMall is just like a spaceship and it has divided the metaverse land into different zones. Each zone is specially designed to match the needs of different categories of the users of MetaMall. All these things are becoming possible as MetaMall is doing this with its new and advanced VR technology in the lives of its users and so providing its users a memorable, efficient, and securer way to experience metaverse land in it. 

Zones of MetaMall Spaceship

As I already mentioned above the metaverse land on MetaMall is designed that resembled a spaceship that is divided into different zones. These are specially designed to meet the need of different types of investors that are the users of MetaMall. 

These zones are designed with a zero-gravity ecosystem and provide a better experience for different types of businesses that are held on daily routines. All the laws and regulations will be customizable with the help of a black hole in the MetaMall spaceship that is more efficient and faster than the speed of light. 

Now let’s talk about the types of zones of the MetaMall spaceship. All the zones of the MetaMall spaceship will be available in NFTs configurations, the motive of making these zones in NFTs configuration is to make these all zones tradable with authentic ownership on the blockchain. So now let’s discuss these zones of MetaMall spaceship and their usages.

MetaMall spaceship is divided into five different zones -CUBE, CABIN, CLUB, CHALET, and CHATEAU. 


Cube is a zone of MetaMall spaceship which will include all the small-scale businesses such as retail stores, gaming zones, fashion zones, etc


CABIN is the second zones of the MetaMall spaceship, which will include branded stores, expo centers. The users of CABIN will have ownership of all these businesses. 


CLUB is the third zone of the MetaMall spaceship, which will include large gaming spots, multi-branded stores, and networking places.


CHALET is in the fourth and one of the largest zone of the MetaMall spaceship, which will include public meetups and entertainment places on a large scale. It will also include showrooms, large brands.


CHATEAU is the largest zone of the MetaMall spaceship, which will include large-scale workplaces, places for international events, expo centers of various cities, and embassy meetup places.

Final Words

As of now, you can understand the importance of the MetaMall in the metaverse. For sure it is a bridge that will allow its passengers to stand shoulder to shoulder with the evolution of the world.

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