Which Crypto exchange has the best API?

We all know about high financial monitoring systems. The high-end systems are used in banks and other monetary-related organizations to keep everything under strict record. An API is like a high-end financial monitoring system but designed to deal with crypto record keeping and trading. It is generally integrated into an online trade platform. After evaluating each of the popular mediums and their APIs, here’s a list of the 5 best crypto exchange APIs for the year 2021. LetsExchange crypto exchange API offers you the solution to all your problems- have a look!  


According to the latest trading estimates we have got in our hands, Poloniex hosts a volume of 7,114,781 USD trades per day. All of this trade volume is handled, organized, and then evaluated by the Poloniex API. This proves how robust the Poloniex API is when it comes to dealing with pressure.

This API allows the developers to use third-party applications as a vessel to host the popular Poloniex functionalities.  In other words, the API enables the users to access third-party trusted applications/programs to trade their crypto-based assets through the platfor0m. The API also supports response formats like JSON and XML. Moreover, you can try Letsexchange for the best APIs in the market. Click here to know more: https://letsexchange.io/for-partners/crypto-widgets-for-website.  


In the world of crypto-based trading, no crypto exchange and API have gained as much popularity as Coinbase has. Initially explicitly integrated for Bitcoin, the Coinbase API can also handle trade loads related to Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. You can deal in Fiat-based assets, but they are pretty limited regarding availability on Coinbase.

As a single-purpose API powered by a solid RESTful architecture, Coinbase API is known for its privacy. Once the OAuth 2 authenticating framework and the API Key are enabled, there’s no way for a third party to access your account. The API is completely free as well for everyone.


HitBTC is one of the very few Hong Kong-based crypto exchanges with a centralized model of operation. According to the latest statistics, the exchange has roughly 2 million active users worldwide. With a well-documented and constantly upgrading API, HitBTC is undoubtedly growing faster than most prominent crypto exchanges.

The HitBTC doesn’t restrain a user to BTC alone. You can choose any of the major crypto as well as fiat trading pairs. Once the HTTP basic authentication model is in action, the API key allows the user to access his/her account without any threat of piracy or fraud.


Super advanced and secure, Bittrex has undoubtedly secured a spot for itself among the best crypto exchange APIs for the year 2021.  The Bittrex API allows users to access their accounts through various programming-based approaches. Once the API key model is in action, you can access your trading data without any difficulty.


Last but not least. Binance deals with a volume of average 448,088,328 USD in terms of trade through the Binance API. Compared to other popular global crypto exchange APIs, this is the most significant volume of transactions/trades handled by an API daily.

Like Poloniex, Binance API allows its users to access the Binance trading facilities through authorized third-party resources. With the basic HTTP authentication and API key integration model, the Binance single-purpose API will keep everything secure and accessible at the same time. The developer’s community is also quite active in ensuring that everything is upgraded and in perfect working condition.

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