COTI bank accounts go live with its crypto debit cards now shipping

The current COTI debit card version is open for EEA and UK residents...

COTI bank accounts go live with its crypto debit cards now shipping

COTI, a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency payment ecosystem, has announced that its COTI bank account and VISA debit cards have now arrived. Powered by crypto payment provider Simplex, the COTI community now can open an account with a branded COTI Pay debit card.

“We have been working with our close partner, Simplex, to provide our users with COTI bank accounts and debit cards, and we are happy to have successfully achieved this important milestone.”
– The COTI Team

Bank accounts & VISA debit cards boost the COTI ecosystem

Debit cards and bank accounts comprise an important element of COTI’s ecosystem, providing a seamless relationship between the fiat and the crypto world.

By using COTI’s crypto-friendly bank account, users will be able to open a bank account in their name with an IBAN, store fiat natively in their COTI Pay wallet, and spend their balance wherever VISA is accepted.

In the future, this banking program will also be part of the COTI Pay Business suite offered to merchants and will greatly increase their usage volume, therefore growing the rewards for COTI’s stakers.

Initial COTI account version will include:

The first round includes 3,000 cards. They will be sent in priority to those who first registered in the past. The second round will open in a month and will hold 5,000 additional cards.

Plans for future card versions

New features will soon be rolled out including loyalty reward plans and uniquely designed VIP cards. Further, integration to COTI Pay will be implemented, including a fiat account and the ability to buy and sell crypto directly from the Coti Viper wallet app. Besides, more countries will also be eligible for the card.

How to use the COTI bank account and card?