Features of ExzoCoin 2.0 for new blockchain ecosystem

Exzo, a developing blockchain platform ecosystem (see whitepaper) is opening up a crowdsale for EXZO tokens to provide the Exzo team with the initial funding needed to obtain proper licensing for the development of its alternative cryptocurrency exchange and the development of its iOS/Android cryptocurrency wallet. Also, the token will also be used on the Exzo decentralized exchange for new token listing fees and within Exzo’s cloud mining community services. Exzo is further implementing a customer loyalty system with its redistribution functionality for the utility token so token holders earn loyalty rewards the more they utilize services.

Current Technology Development Goals:

Own Blockchain

Decentralized Exchange Web Application & Mobile-Application

API Development & Data Processing

Cloud Mining Community

Exzocoin Decentralized Exchange

Exzo will support swapping pairs in the following cryptocurrencies:

● ExzoCoin (EXZO)

● All of the coins on UniSWAP

● All of the coins on SushiSwap

● All of the coins on PancakeSwap

● Plus the fast addition of new coins/tokens

Feature Rollout

The EXZO team will roll out the platform in roughly the following order:

● Coin/Token Swapping

● Blockchain Development

● NFT Support

● Utility features added to EXZO for conversion into NFT byproducts for data tracking and processing.

● Anonymous instant exchange

● Decentralized (on-chain) exchange

 Algorithmic Swapping Options

● Margin trading

Exzocoin Protocol

Redistribution Rewards, Automatic Liquidity Pool, Manual Burn Rate

Distribution Rewards (2%)

Distribution rewards are like a reward system for utility token holders. The longer a user employs services and uses Exzo tokens on them, they will be rewarded with a portion of the 3% of tokens generated from individuals not utilizing services anymore that get rid of Exzo tokens. This is set in place to reward loyal customers and supporters of Exzo services.

Automatic Liquidity Pool (2%)

The automatic liquidity pool is the holy grail of ExzoCoin. This implementation will benefit all current utility token holders in two ways. First, the contract will take a percentage of tokens from each transaction this will enable individuals wanting to utilize services offered the ability to swap other tokens for Exzo utility tokens at any time to create a more stable price that won’t make services cost an outrageous amount. The structure for consumption of Exzo tokens when utilizing services via the Exzoutility token will be based on a per token basis not the price per token basis.

Example: 1 Cloud Mining hour = 1 ExzoCoin 2.0 Token.

Example: 1 Non-fungible token = 1,000,000 ExzoCoin 2.0 Token.

Transaction Fee (2%)

The EXZO ecosystem will take a 2% transaction fee from all swaps, transfers, etc. to pay for continued marketing, team expansion, and building/maintaining the Exzo blockchain.

By creating a strong base with the auto LP function, EXZO aims to prevent big rug pulls from individuals no longer wanting to use services including the cloud mining platform, data tracking platform using minting capabilities to track medial data or exchange in the future.

Exzocoin employs 3 functions:

  1. Loyalty redistribution
  2. Auto LP
  3. Manual Burn

Each transaction will be taxed a 6% fee:

The ExzoCoin project has recently started auditing its protocol with Certik.

ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) is strictly a utility token not security or any form of investment of any sort. ExzoCoin 2.0 is utilized as a voucher and a loyalty reward system that enables individuals to gain access to our platforms and services. 

It will be integrated into Exzo’s own blockchain once it’s established to work as a paired network by giving physical or digital products a unique identity, usually through RFID (radio frequency identification), QR Codes, or Non-fungible tokens. Sensors record information at every stage of the supply chain, and are recorded and linked to the product’s identity. Thus, enabling the tracking of encrypted & private data to be managed will decrease the threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches for large organizations.

When purchasing the utility token ExzoCoin (EXZO) please ensure you understand its usage as it’s designed for spending within our ExzoCoin blockchain ecosystem. It is NOT an investment of money, not in a common enterprise, purchasers should hold no expectation of profits from the investment, where those profits are derived primarily from the efforts of others. The token is not tied to profits. nor is its price tied to the efforts of our team. It is to be used and considered as a loyalty reward system for gaining access to our services and platforms within the business, including utilizing services on our mobile apps, non-fungible token creation, smart contract creation, and data storage/tracking services within businesses. There is no tie or correlation between Exzo’s leadership or contractors’ efforts to the price of the ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) utility token. It holds no value as a security or investment. Individuals purchasing ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) should have no expectation of profiting from this Utility Token and should not consider it an investment.

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