Ethereum scaling solution Raiden rolls out ‘Bespin’ mainnet release

Bespin is the third major release of the Raiden Network on the Ethereum mainnet. The goal of this release is to have a stable and bug-free transport layer...

Ethereum scaling solution Raiden rolls out 'Bespin' mainnet release

The team of Raiden, an off-chain Ethereum scaling solution, enabling fast, low-fee, and scalable token transfers, today announced the Bespin release of the Raiden Network. This Bespin release (the third major release) is the next step towards a fully-fledged Raiden Network.

“The main focus of the Bespin release is stability and especially the stability of the transport layer. The transport layer has caused the team some long debugging sessions over the last year, so we’re very pleased to finally have a stable transport layer in place. One additional thing that we’re very excited about is that the Bespin release on the mainnet will be followed by the Raiden Light Client release on the mainnet very soon. We encourage anyone interested in doing fast, cheap, and scalable payments on Ethereum to try Bespin.”
– The Raiden Network Team

What’s New

For a brief overview of the new significant updates, see below:

A full changelog of the Bespin release can be found here.

Bug Bounty

There is currently still a bug bounty program in place for the Alderaan smart contracts. Bespin uses the same deployed smart contracts. This bug bounty has a pool worth $200,000 and will continue.

Deprecating Alderaan

Even though Bespin uses the same smart contracts that were deployed for Alderaan, the channels are not compatible. This means that users should close and settle open channels before upgrading to Bespin.

Feature Limitations of the Bespin Release

No upgradability of the token network: The Bespin release does not include the upgradability of the smart contracts. In other words, the only way to upgrade the network would be to redeploy new contracts; and release a new client version pointing to the new contracts. All channels in the old network would need to be closed and reopened in the new network.

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