Quant Network launches Overledger 2.0 with interoperability to Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin

New approach for Overledger works as a “Universal Translator” for enterprise developers, community developers and users benefiting from using a simple and standard interface to access all supported DLTs and blockchains...

‍Quant Network, the creator of Overledger, a secure, simple, and cost-effective API connection platform to all major DLTs, recently announced the live launch of the Overledger 2.0 version. The upgrade includes important functionalities for use on mainnets along with other exciting new features, including:

Overledger 2.0 supports data transformation for payment transactions to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Plus, the new SDK V2.0 is more lightweight; with its data transformation functionality mostly moved into Overledger V2.0’s prepare service.

The new Javascript SDK V2.0 will support:

Overledger developer sandbox now includes mainnet for V2.0

For more details, see the below guides:

Overledger allows new types of applications to be built. By breaking down DLT silos with Quant’s patented cross-DLT technology, available via REST API, Overledger provides a range of powerful cross-DLT transaction types. This allows applications to easily access, update and move data and assets held on all the DLTs and blockchains customers use to operate their businesses.
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