Animoca Brands leads seed round funding for micro income streaming platform Amasa

The Amasa platform allows people around the world to capture the value creation potential of blockchain-based micro income streams...

Animoca Brands leads seed round funding for micro income streaming platform Amasa

Animoca Brands, a company specializing in digital entertainment, blockchain, gamification, and artificial intelligence, announced today that it has led a seed round of funding for Amasa, a micro income streaming platform. In development, a waitlist is now open to join the Amasa network.

Amasa enables users to easily aggregate, track, and invest earnings made through interacting with digital worlds; generating additional yields for users’ digital assets.

Furthermore, Amasa also allows users to aggregate and reinvest the income earned from other activities; including data sharing, micro-tasking, web browsing, predictions markets, and other evolving use-cases.

“Animoca is excited to invest in and work with Amasa; which offers the terrific potential for multiple products to aggregate the earnings that players generate in various metaverse offering and to generate yields from those earnings.”
– Yat Siu, the chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands

Through the partnership, Amasa will help increase awareness of Animoca Brands’ suite of play-to-earn blockchain games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to its blockchain and cryptocurrency user base.

“Animoca’s presence in gaming and NFTs; two of the major focus areas for Amasa, and the shared values of each company in utilizing Web 3.0 to empower and reward users for their time and engagement make this a great match.”
– Will Birks, Amasa’s core contributor

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