June 18th Deadline: Celo Foundation Wave IV grants program

Wave IV of the Celo Foundation grants program is now accepting applications...

June 18th Deadline: Celo Foundation Wave IV grants program

The Celo Foundation, a nonprofit supporting the development of the Celo open blockchain platform, recently announced a new grants program. Providing entrepreneurs with capital along with mentorship to projects that are accelerating technical development and expanding the Celo ecosystem; the Celo Foundation grants program is an open initiative where anyone is encouraged to apply.

Grants are based on four key areas: 

Following the Celo mainnet launch last year, the Celo community ecosystem has been growing. To date, the Celo Foundation grants program has supported 90+ projects in 54 countries, with a value of $4.9M in funding across the last three waves. The last wave generated strong interest with over 170 applications.

Applications for Wave IV of Celo Foundation grants can be submitted here.

The deadline to submit applications is June 18, 2021.

The Celo Foundation is now pleased to invite developers, designers, dreamers, and doers across the world to work on some of the key priorities for the Celo ecosystem. For ideas that are not represented in the list below, feel free to submit it or join the #grants conversation on Discord for feedback.

Lowering Barriers to Access


Creator Economy


Promoting Celo Adoption


Community Building




Timeline & Key Dates

For more information:

Applications can be submitted here. For additional information and any questions, email grants@celo.org.

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