Exploring 100xCoin – The Doxxed and Lucrative Crypto Gem Of The Alt-Season

Meme coins like Dogecoin and Safemoon, have witnessed a meteoric trajectory in their value in the recent past. Investors from all dimensions are plowing into these new breeds of cryptocurrencies. Even the dramatic peaks and dips are not preventing investors from trading these digital assets. 

While meme coins tend to be lucrative investment options for crypto traders, most of them have no use cases or long-term prospects. Most of these new crypto coins offer investors short-term opportunities to get-rich-quick and commonly rely on a financial push from notable people – Elon Musk in the case of Dogecoin or  Dave Portnoy for Safemoon. 

The madness is stirring up controversy within the crypto space. Many argue that meme coins undermine the values of the crypto industry. In contrast, advocates of the joke coins claim that these tokens draw more attention to space and open doors for more investors. 

However, the lack of meaningful development and purpose of meme-friendly cryptocurrencies is sending their values to the bottom. There is a significant investment shift among investors looking for tokens that can replicate the success of new crypto coins but offer real utility and long-term prospects.  

100xCoin – Beyond Meme Coin, with Astronomic Returns

Demand for digital assets with a shorter turnaround time on ROI has surged, and 100xCoin is just filling this gap. What started as a PancakeSwap coin, has gone beyond the meme status to become a more safe and utility-based asset that plans to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses.

In terms of ROI, 100xCoin has witnessed three mornings since its launch. In the short three-week span since its launch, 100xCoin has peaked 600% from its initial value. This further consolidates the fact that 100xCoin has the potential to replicate similar ROIs as other well-known PancakeSwap coins with serious potential. 

Despite its humble start, 100xCoin has become a hot property among investors due to its founder Ken Llamas crypto-celebrity reputation. Ken, popularly known as Ken the Crypto, is a crypto influencer who made six-figure fortune trading cryptocurrencies. Ken believes in audits and transparency, bringing the same values to the 100xCoin ecosystem. With over 60K holders and more joining by the day, 100xCoin is already making waves as the most potential and lucrative gem in the crypto market. 

Sound Tokenomics

100xCoin is a deflationary token that takes 10% transaction fees, from which 3% is reserved for burn mechanism, 1.5% goes towards marketing and development of the 100xCoin ecosystem and 5% towards automatic liquidity pool. The 3% burn function will handsomely incentivize holders.

100xCoin promotes transparency and is one of the only few doxxed tokens. More so, 100xCoin founder and the team have reserved 0% tokens for themselves – a major distinction between meme coins and 100xCoin. 100xCoin is also 100% rug-proof, given the public nature of the project managers. 

What Makes 100xCoin Stand Out

The 100xCoin ecosystem takes a multi-pronged approach to bring altcoins to the masses. In a more recent development, the 100xCoin ecosystem announced plans to launch an altcoin-focused industry-first mobile app, dubbed Altbase, by the end of May. 

Focused on millennials, the app will allow investors to directly purchase a range of altcoins with their debit and credit card. It eliminates the cumbersome process of buying altcoins in traditional crypto exchanges, so people will no longer ask themselves how to buy 100xCoin or other interesting gems. The new app will be a real boon for first-time investors. 

Going one step further, 100xCoin is set to launch a DeFi launchpad dubbed 100xRocket. The launchpad helps innovative projects to launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 100xCoin holders will have privileged access to these potential projects at the lowest possible price before their values skyrocket.

Further demonstrating its use case, 100xCoin announced plans to launch an NFT staking platform by the end of May. The project has also partnered with big-shot NFL, MMA, Boxing, and entertainment celebrities to bring their NFTs on BSC. To name a few, American football stars Zach Woods, Dakoda Shepley, Adrian Ross have partnered and vouched for 100xCoin. 

Recently, Jay Alvarrez – a travel influencer and an extreme sports enthusiast, joined the list of influencers to partner with 100xCoin.

Thanks to celebrity-backing and a passionate community of staunch holders, 100xCoin has already managed to achieve $80 million in market cap. With the constant influx of interest and inflow of funds into 100xCoin, it is only time before 100xCoin hits its desired $7 billion market cap goal. 

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