How Defit Is Connecting Defi For Improving Fitness Worldwide During The Pandemic

The importance of digital literacy has never been greater. People are working from home and engaging digitally in more significant numbers than ever before, and the current crisis has exposed the risks of disinformation, which has never been easier to spread. In this challenging time, being more digitally fit helps people of all technical levels develop their digital literacy and knowledge. The worldwide pandemic and worldwide lockdown initiatives forced the fitness and, more broadly, wellness industries to reinvent themselves. It has shown the lack of endurance and risk that millions of fitness, yoga, and other instructors face when they depend heavily on individual training and physical community classes, boot camps, and other similar activities.

The Next Generation of Digital Wellness is 360Wellness. A revolutionary decentralized Health and Lifestyle marketplace connects people with worldwide experts to help them stay fit and healthy at home. They are creating an at-home workout studio in everyone’s living room. Providing a robust suite of smartphone and online applications to help these people get back on track with health after the pandemic. Making everyone’s journey more meaningful with the launch of an innovative fitness tracker built in close partnership with sports scientists and wellness industry experts to monitor how well you exercise, eat, look, and sleep in one convenient place.

DEFIT is a cryptographic coin designed for widespread adoption by the 360Wellness global group of trainers and users. After its soft launch in October, the mobile application has been downloaded in 172 countries. DEFIT aims to provide the public with their own virtual money as a secure, dependable, and fast payment alternative to fiat currencies. Their digital products and specialized equipment offering are avoiding all problems associated with multi-currency portfolio management and conventional bank and storage fees. Using staking and exclusive benefits to allow in-app gamification, improve user privacy, and increase user loyalty. The DEFIT coin is wholly incorporated into our digital health and fitness marketplace ecosystem, driving demand and encouraging cryptocurrency adoption for goods that people already purchase and use.

Within that context of DeFi-based fitness applications, DEFIT by 360Wellness acknowledges this need for cross-chain interoperability. As a one-of-a-kind decentralized health and wellness framework, DEFIT’s plans also include cross-chain interoperability.

The DEFIT team plans to create a BEP-7 token for the app to support its use on Binance Smart Chain and other blockchains with similar implementations. The ERC20 Ethereum token can be exchanged for the BEP-7 Binance token without any problems. Financial practices like staking and swapping are also possible in the Binance ecosystem.

DEFIT opens the door to various future cross-chain applications by implementing a Polkadot substrate, as any blockchain can be built as a substrate in Polkadot. DEFIT’s cross-chain approach enables the framework to be a future-ready solution, addressing high transaction fees while also increasing usability and allowing for faster transactions. As a result, the cross-position chain in DEFIT’s future helps the company become the new standard in the digital health and fitness industry.

The existing dApp ecosystem is highly reliant on the Ethereum Blockchain, which has resulted in significant network congestion and exorbitant transaction or gas fees. Alternatives like Binance and Polkadot have arisen to combat the high fee and provide a better user experience, like quicker transactions. The critical thing to remember is that Ethereum has already gained traction and has established itself as the go-to platform for decentralized applications. The only viable option is to create a dApp on Ethereum and then allow users on Binance and other Blockchains to use the same dApp.

These blockchain networks are unable to communicate with one another directly due to fundamental property differences. This implies that a Blockchain framework cannot explicitly exchange data with another blockchain.  A third party must be added to serve as a means of communication to transfer data. DEFIT is bringing the DeFi industry together to incentivize fitness and help people during the coronavirus pandemic to improve their physical and mental health.

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