XcelPay – a next-generation decentralized crypto wallet

The XcelPay Wallet app is a decentralized blockchain wallet that provides some amazing features and use-cases. Buying crypto and storing cryptocurrency in XcelPay Wallet is not just simple, and secure, but also quick and super intuitive. A wallet that is updated on a regular basis to fit the dynamic needs of cryptocurrency in the market space, XcelPay Wallet is as innovative as our thriving crypto community.

Gain Full Control Over Your Privacy

The decentralized wallet XcelPay Wallet provides you with full control over your data. Users can open an XcelPay Wallet account without sharing their critical information like name, number, email id. Instead, users can open an account at XcelPay Wallet using a 12-word phrase or mnemonics.

Mnemonics are great ways to protect your crypto funds. If in case, a user loses their phone, they can recover their cryptocurrency fund in any decentralized wallet app using the provided mnemonics. It is always recommended to store mnemonics in a secure private place like physical lockers or safes.

However, XcelPay Wallet also allows its users to back up their mnemonics in the app itself. To access which one to pass added a level of security and provided the pin code.

While signing up, XcelPay Wallet requests users to set up their wallets using mnemonics, pin code lock, and biometrics. This allows us to prevent any intrusion and provide users with total peace of mind!

Create Multiple Wallets

As a way to diversify risk and enhance privacy, investors often split up a sizable quantity of cryptos into multiple wallets.  Downloading multiple wallets to safeguard your cryptos can be quite a hassle. But, with XcelPay Wallet users can create and access multiple wallets from a single blockchain wallet app! Create multiple wallets within XcelPay Wallet to store multiple cryptocurrencies.

Send and Receive

With XcelPay Wallet users can send or receive payment in cryptos in any place they are supported. XcelPay Wallet enables wallet users to carry out their transactions in cryptos without additional transaction charges. Any cryptos built on Blockchain protocols can be exchanged through XcelPay Wallet.

However, a certain fee may be deducted as a gas charge to carry out these transactions. The charges are instead deducted by the network where the crypto resides. Via XcelPay Wallet you can send and receive payments from anywhere.

Along with Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, XcelPay Wallet is adding several other blockchain protocols, enabling users to send and receive as many types of cryptocurrencies as they like.

Create Address Book

Generally, it can be quite a hassle to repeatedly add a coin address when sending cryptos to a second party. Secondly, there are chances of error, and a simple mistake can lead to the transfer of funds to the wrong address. On XcelPay Wallet, using the address book feature, users can save coin addresses with desired names to transfer coins and tokens.

The address book is like a contact list where you can add the First and Last Names of the frequent contact and fill in the Ethereum Address, Bitcoin Address, Bitcoin Cash Address, Xinfin Network Address, and all addresses that you know of this contact. When sending an amount in any particular coin, users can tap on the address book and the coin address will automatically appear.

Users can save time and will not have to go through any other added hassles!

Multiple Currency Conversion

Users can measure the conversion value of cryptocurrency with fiat in several currency denominations. The blockchain wallet allows its users to set default currency to currency that is most suitable or convenient to the users.

From Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, South Korean Won, Yuan, Yen, to Turkish Lira, INR, and Bangladeshi Taka. Users can choose from over 22 default currency options to discover the worth of cryptos against a particular fiat.

Request Payment

It is as easy to receive payments in  XcelPay Wallet as it is to send cryptos. XcelPay Wallet users simply can make payment requests via the Wallet to other messaging apps! By simply filling the amount request and tapping on request payment!

Similarly, one can also simply copy the cryptocurrency address and share it via direct message to another party. Avoid lengthy processes and any human error in sharing your crypto address. XcelPay Wallet makes it easy to request payment with a single tap!

Track Tokens that are Trending in the Market

Moreover, users can stay in the XcelPay wallet app and view market rates for popular coins and their performance to make useful trading decisions!

Users can get real-time data and track the market performance of top cryptos, all without having to leave the XcelPay Wallet app.

Apart from these great features that provide users with great utility, there are essential use cases of XcelPay Wallet.

By Using the XcelPay Wallet app users can recharge their cell phones with cryptocurrency. Recharge with crypto is available in 900 service carriers in 190+countries!

Similarly, XcelPay Wallet enables you to buy more than 350 gift cards from major Global Brands! Users can use the cryptocurrency of their choice to purchase gift cards from over 350 travel, e-commerce, and other service providers like PayTm, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and more!

Some Exciting Features Coming Soon

Buy Bitcoin & other cryptos from XcelPay Wallet. Third-party services that allow you to buy crypto using a bank card, will soon be integrated into XcelPay Wallet. This will allow users of the wallet to purchase bitcoin via debit/Credit cards & bank account.

Along with Swapping BTC for XLD, SWAP several other pairs of crypto in the XcelPay Wallet. Soon, Swap Bitcoin for Ethereum, XLD, and XDC. Similarly, swap Ethereum for Bitcoin, XLD, and XDC!

Track your portfolio! Analyze the performance of a crypto portfolio. The blockchain wallet will act as your mini portfolio manager- analyzing the basket of your cryptocurrency and providing you with a report that represents the daily, monthly, and yearly performance of your cryptocurrency portfolio.

There are many other reasons to start using XcelPay Wallet to trade and store your cryptos. Download the app today from Apple Store and Google PlayStore.

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