Crypto exchange AAX announces AAB token buy back


Despite recent uptake, the native token AAB of crypto exchange AAX is still deemed undervalued…

As such, the AAX team has decided to buy back AAB from the secondary market and will do so in phases with an expected buyback size of 30% of AAB in circulation. At the same time, AAB will be listed on UniSwap; the listing will be paired with USDT.

Following the continuous development of the AAX platform, the AAB ecosystem has also been gradually improved and enriched. In addition to enjoying a 20% discount on transaction fees when paid in AAB, AAB holders also enjoy many benefits such as buying tokens with a 50% discount, receiving random airdrops, and as a trading volume booster in trading competitions.

At the same time, AAB holders also enjoy preferential withdrawal fees and a higher percentage of referral commission rebates. Such utility will be further expanded as AAX grows.

AAX has achieved explosive business growth in the year 2021. Local currency deposits reached a daily average of $10 million in April and is expected to grow by more than 30% each month in the future. AAX has been well-recognized and favored by users and the market.

As AAX has improved, we have seen user numbers increase and the scale of business explode in many countries and regions around the world. The number of accounts opened by VIP clients and institutional investors has nearly tripled. In addition, AAX has recently launched an “existing user activation program”, inviting inactive users to return to AAX and experience our upgraded products and service. As of now, the monthly active users on the AAX platform have increased 20 times compared to January 2021.

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