What about Dual Mining in 2021?

Year by year profitability of GPU mining is beginning to decline. Competitiveness is growing as well as computational capacity. Regular halving and lower reward per block are becoming the main reasons to leave mining on graphic cards behind.

An increasing number of crypto hunters are discovering brand-new ways to improve the profitability of video cards: Cloud Mining, Pool Mining, or moving to the other kind of coins. Dual Mining became exactly one of these ways having grabbed the attention of the crypto world.

With time hype surrounding dual mining calmed down, having opened the way to mining in pools. But it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

Which Coins to Dual Mine in 2021?

As many know, you need to set up a miner and choose the right pair of coins to recoup costs.

Ethereum is still a persistent classic as a base currency. It’s the second-largest currency in terms of market capitalization. Despite the coin is gradually moving to the PoS mechanism, you have nothing to fear that ETH mining on 4 GB GPU will become useless this year.

Compared to ASICs, video cards are more functional. To mine Ethereum together with the other coin is simple enough, just switch coins in an Ethereum pool. You may use Expanse, Pirl, Ellaism, Dubaicoin as well if you want, use the calculator to know profitability. Once Decred, Lbry, and Pascal were popular to choose as the second one, but now it’s over.

In 2021 there are other alternatives are worth paying attention to.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

The project of decentralized cryptocurrency ZIL was launched in 2016. In comparison with other young coins, Zilliqa stands out with stability and a high rate of transaction processing.

Zilliqa mining pool works on the Ethash algorithm. You can hardly call it super lucrative for solo mining, but dual mining Ethereum and Zilliqa may give you additional advantages:

Mining for 1 minute for every 1-2 hours will be enough to gain profit.

RavenCoin (RVN)

A relatively new coin for the crypto world appeared in 2018 as Bitcoin fork. It operates on KawPow algo and is appropriate for GPU only. Among pluses of RavenCoin mining is the speed of transactions which is 10 times more than BTC.

The number of Raven pools is just 30, those that practice dual mining with this coin in terms of RVN + ZIL is only one – K1Pool https://k1pool.com/pool/rvn. They were the first who offer this idea instead of ETH + RVN pair and create conditions for comfort mining:

To mine RavenCoin and Zilliqa together is a unique way to increase profitability and is possible exclusively on Nvidia cards and using T-Rex Miner.

Siacoin (SIA)

At first, Siacoin was a real chance to get passive income even if you were using not the most advanced video card. Despite ASICs have quietly displaced GPUs nowadays, AMD and Nvidia dual mining Ethereum and Siacoin are still in demand.

Beam (BEAM)

Someone predicts quite a bright future for BEAM, which may be called a king of confidentiality. Miners get total security while executing transactions without the risk of its tracing. Dandelion technology, for its part, provides protection from the denomination.

Beam is not so cost-efficient for solo mining, you will not find it in TOP-5. It works on EquiHash algo and with GMiner and LolMiner programs. It develops most of its potential while mining on Nvidia GPU. One block requires 1 minute to be solved and contains thousands of transactions.

As you may see, dual mining still has a future. Choosing the appropriate pair of coins, you may cover your expenses or even get another $60 in your wallet.

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