Klever to become primary mobile wallet for Syscoin ecosystem

Syscoin has the second highest hash rate in mining power among all blockchains worldwide, after Bitcoin and ahead of BCH...

Klever to become primary mobile wallet for Syscoin ecosystem

Klever, a multi-coin mobile cryptocurrency wallet, today announced a new partnership with Syscoin, Offering fast, low-cost tokens, assets, and NFTs, Syscoin is secured by Bitcoin’s own hash power, decentralized consensus model, and censorship resistance.

The joint work between the Klever and Syscoin teams includes integrating Syscoin LUX (4.2) mainnet into the Klever ecosystem.

Integration of SYS has been conducted over the past three months through joint cooperation between the two teams. Klever will become the primary mobile wallet for SYS and Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPTs) after LUX mainnet launches.

Moreover, Klever will be going beyond the simple support of SYS and SPTs. The Klever ecosystem will also tap into many of Syscoin’s features including Z-DAG, AuxFees, and Notary. Also, Klever’s users will gain access to the value and capabilities of Syscoin. Numerous coins and tokens such as KLV, BTC, ETH, and others will be directly swappable for SYS in Klever Swap.

“It has been a joy working with the Klever team! There is a good synergy between both teams and we share the same drive to innovate and make blockchain technology which is user friendly and available to the masses.”
– Jagdeep Sidhu, Core Developer of Syscoin & CTO Blockchain Foundry

Support for SYS and Klever Swaps for SYS will be going live in an upcoming Klever update.

”Working with the Syscoin team has been a great experience and we are happy to have integrated SYS and the Syscoin Platform into Klever. By choosing Klever as their primary mobile wallet of choice, Syscoin will be exposed to over 2.5 million Klever users and more than 150K daily active users on Klever; and SYS will be a great addition to the long list of blockchains supported in Klever.”
– Dio Ianakiara, Founder & CEO of Klever