Meet BitXmi – The High-Performance Crypto Exchange with Low Fees

Despite the relatively short term of operation, trading volumes on BitXmi are already growing exponentially...

BitXmi is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange that launched in January 2020. The project team has created a trading platform that stands out from the competition with its specific focus on its users.

BXMI Token – The platform’s token, BXMI, enables trading on more favorable terms for users. BXMI is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought directly on the BitXmi exchange. Token holders enjoy benefits such as reduced trading fees and access to other exclusive services.

BitXmi Features

Safe Storage – BitXmi offers cold storage wallets so buyers can store all their digital currency securely. The wallets are insured so users can easily store their funds on the exchange.

Fast Exchange & Withdrawal – Cryptocurrency assets are credited to the client’s account within 10 minutes, and the withdrawals are carried out within 5 minutes.

API Protocols  – BitXmi is the only exchange platform that uses API protocols to build its platform. This helps to connect buyers and sellers seamlessly. Additionally, the application programming interface helps users trade smoothly and efficiently. The API used on the platform simplifies the interface, which enables the users to manage the trade faster.

Support Service – The platform supports several languages including English, Mandarin, Hindi, French, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, and more; making it user-friendly for the vast majority.

Mobile Apps – The BitXmi exchange may be accessed using mobile apps for Android and iOS.


Users can register using either their phone number or email address. Full verification on the exchange requires mandatory scans of official identification documents, ensuring safe and secure transactions.

The BitXmi exchange has strict requirements to safeguard its users against fraudulent activity. As soon as the confirmation code is entered and registration is complete, users can start trading.

Exchange Interface

BitXmi’s interface is simple, containing all the tools and features needed for trading cryptocurrencies. The intuitive, easy-to-understand platform takes no more than 30 minutes to get the gist of.


By selecting the ‘Buy Crypto’ option on the menu, users will find dozens of options for altcoins and fiat currencies. The account is replenished through the MoonPay payment system.


Upon selecting the ‘Exchange’ tab located next to the logo in the top left menu, users will have access to the trading interface.

The system allows the user to open two types of orders: market and limit. Trading fees are always the same and, unlike traditional exchanges, do not depend on the amount of the transaction. Instead, it is 0.1% with withdrawal fees at 0.25%; amongst the lowest for cryptocurrency platforms across the world. 

Margin Trading

BitXmi has a powerful tool that allows users to leverage 1 to 3. However, with this risk, while profits can potentially be great, losses can also be significant. This is why BitXmi recommends experienced traders to use the margin trading function.


The exchange offers a user-friendly interface with support in several languages, a mobile app, and support for API functionality. With the BXMI token growing exponentially in popularity, it’s understandable why more users are choosing the BitXmi crypto exchange.

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