Blockchain scaling specialist Metis launches layer-2 framework to empower dApp development

The Metis Rollup framework is now available to build decentralized companies...

Developed after Metis raised USD $4 million in angel, seed, and private funding, Metis Rollup is aiming to be the infrastructure for the Web 3.0 economy, enabling users to easily launch their own decentralized applications and leverage the embedded framework of Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs). They can thereby manage their decentralized collaborations from within while ensuring they are low-cost, highly scalable, and offer more functionality.

As the vision of a Web 3.0 decentralized economy has advanced, with decentralized businesses running on the blockchain, the blockchain community has built out its infrastructure in an attempt to replicate real-world functionality. The problem is that current layer-1 solutions are plagued by high gas costs, reduced efficiency levels, a lack of on-chain management tools, and difficult-to-use available platforms. All of these factors make layer-1 solutions ineffective when it comes to supporting the operation of a complex logic application or business.

The Metis white paper explains the problems inherent in previous layer-2 technologies, the potential of the Rollup, and how the Metis framework supports the running of the Web 3.0 economy. Unlike other layer-2 solutions which only solve the issues of transaction cost and throughputs, Metis Rollup tackles the broader issue of how to implement value creation activities (collaborations) on the blockchain to backbone the running of the Web 3.0 economy.

Metis Rollup functionality and characteristics include:

“Layer-2 is still the wild west, full of new opportunities but hard to build on. Metis is constructing a fully functional infrastructure to empower all kinds of applications and new ideas to enjoy the benefits of layer-2, including high scalability, low cost, high functionality, and ease of use. We have never before seen so clearly what the future of Web 3.0 looks like, and Metis will enable it to happen. Join us and see the new world.”
Metis’ product lead Kevin Lu

A demo DAC is currently available.

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