Cardano (ADA) added to Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro includes a fully featured trading API that offers an efficient way for developers to build digital asset trading applications and to offer related functionality...

Cardano (ADA) added to Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro, the professional trading platform of crypto exchange company Coinbase, today announced it will list Cardano (ADA).

Starting immediately, Coinbase Pro will begin accepting inbound transfers of ADA. If liquidity conditions are met, ADA trading will begin on or after 9 AM Pacific Time (PT) Thursday, March 18th.

Once a sufficient supply of ADA is established on the platform, trading on ADA/USD, ADA/BTC, ADA/EUR, and ADA/GBP will begin. Order books will launch in three phases; post-only, limit-only, and full trading.


Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain platform built on a proof-of-stake consensus protocol (called Ouroboros) that validates transactions without high energy costs.

Development on Cardano uses the Haskell programming language, which is described as enabling Cardano “to pursue evidence-based development for unparalleled security and stability.” The blockchain’s native token, ADA, is named after the 19th-century mathematician, Ada Lovelace.

“Per the terms of our listing process, we anticipate supporting more assets that meet our standards over time. Most recently, we have added trading support for SushiSwap (SUSHI), Polygon (MATIC) and SKALE (SKL), The Graph (GRT), Aave, (AAVE), Bancor (BNT), Synthetix (SNX), Filecoin (FIL), NuCypher (NU), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Balancer (BAL), Ren (REN), Uniswap (UNI), (YFI), Loopring (LRC), UMA (UMA) Celo (CGLD), Numeraire (NMR), Band (BAND), Compound (COMP), Maker (MKR) and OmiseGo (OMG), along with supporting additional European and UK order books. Coinbase continues to explore support for new digital assets.”
– The Coinbase Team

ADA is not yet available on or via Coinbase’s consumer mobile apps. The Coinbase team will make a separate announcement if and when this support is added.