DeFi fund manager yAxis launches v2 to make earning interest on crypto more accessible

The MetaVault v2 will be available on the yAxis platform from today February, 22nd 2021...

DeFi fund manager yAxis is set to launch MetaVault v2 – a vault that actively allocates funds across multiple strategies, to secure attractive long-term returns on a user-friendly, simplified interface.

The MetaVault v2 is an updated version of the existing yAxis MetaVault for USD stablecoins. By sitting on the layer above existing yield aggregators, the yAxis v2 vault provides value in the role of a fund manager, creating an easy first step into DeFi.

“Currently 97% of crypto assets are held without earning interest on their value and with a $1.4 trillion market cap, this represents a significant opportunity for yAxis,” said yAxis team lead ‘Bobby’.

Alongside the new MetaVault update, yAxis will also be launching a brand new user interface which is designed to further nurture newcomers to DeFi with a simpler experience to take the complexities out of farming digital assets.

These updates aim to make DeFi and the ability to earn interest more accessible to those looking in. By pooling gas fees, MetaVault provides significant savings over personally managed accounts which can be prohibitive to smaller holders.

MetaVault V2 is able to securely switch funds across a range of selected projects in order to safely navigate the DeFi landscape on behalf of the user.

“DeFi can be a confusing minefield for newcomers. yAxis protects users through rigorous security audits and our ability to diversify,” said yAxis community member ‘transferAndCall’.

Users will be able to deposit stablecoins such as USDC, USDT, or DAI and receive MetaVault Tokens (MLVT) to represent their share of the vault.

These tokens accrue value over time as the deposited funds are actively managed across the best yield aggregating strategies, therefore lowering the time, fees and knowledge required.

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