Crypto exchange technology platform HollaEx gets upgraded suite

HollaEx Kit 2.0 has been launched by the bitHolla team, along with the new features just added, new updates coming soon include: customizable exchange homepage, faster coin integration, and more liquid markets...

Crypto exchange technology platform HollaEx gets upgraded suite

bitHolla, a Korean crypto exchange platform technology company, today announced the launch of the HollaEx Kit 2.0. The suite provides users a cloud-based toolkit to create a custom crypto exchange.

“When the kit was first started it was intended to be a neutral exchange software package that can be retrofitted into multiple use-cases and assets, and that is very much still true today. But it is so much more when coupled with inbuilt liquid crypto markets. Now, everyone can tap into a crypto reservoir and share it where it is needed most. All you have to do is design a viable and marketable business model around it.”
– The HollaEx Team

HollaEx Liquidity Network – An inbuilt crypto market for exchange operators. The first operational pairs are BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. In March, the kit will add more popular altcoin markets.

Anyone can add native liquid HollaEx Network markets with full order books. For those that want their own liquid market, the Enterprise option with an independent market-making service is also available for established outfits that can bring their own capital.

Market Creation – The HollaEx Kit makes market creation easy by allowing anyone to add/create new crypto assets on the dashboard and then pair them up with USDT or other assets. When a new asset/coin has been verified and activated; users on an operator’s exchange will be able to see the new corresponding asset in their wallet page which can be used for depositing and withdrawing the asset.

Customization – Once an exchange is set up and live; the main admin operator will be able to upload new graphics, re-label text, and adjust colors in real-time. One new capability in Kit 2.0 is being able to not only specify different colors for each theme but different graphics, like new loading gifs for each theme. This gives the fine-tune control required to get things just as an operator wants.

Automated Cloud – The Kit will remain free as an open-source crypto exchange software but those that require a little assistance or who want to speed up the process can apply for a cloud subscription service that gets the exchange operating fast. Those that choose to run the software free, DIY style; are given full control over the software to do what they like; and have the option to plug into the automated liquid markets such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT provided by HollaEx Network.

A cloud exchange being automatically deployed on the exchange dashboard.
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