Blockchain app development tool Tatum joins Silicon Valley startup accelerator Skydeck

Tatum serves clients in the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and the USA. It also focuses on projects in the field of tokenization of the US real estate market, supply chain tracking, food origin projects and their history, digital wallets, and government digital currency...

The team of Tatum, a blockchain app development platform, has announced the company was recently accepted into the coveted SkyDeck accelerator in Silicon Valley, and received investment from its fund, which includes highly reputable shareholders such as Sequoia Capital and Mayfield Fund.

Thousands of startups from across the globe apply to SkyDeck each year, but only the top 16 are selected by the accelerator.

“Tatum is the first ever Czech startup to join this very selective accelerator. We didn’t expect it at all.”
– Jiří Kobelka, CEO and Co-Founder of Tatum


The success of the Tatum startup was born from a tool that offers developers the ability to quickly and easily develop blockchain apps. Its goal is to simplify the development of these apps for companies without previous expertise in the field.

Currently, the system supports 25 blockchains that developers can easily integrate into their applications. The startup, which received investments from Tensor Ventures and Grouport, primarily focuses on B2B clients. Tatum’s turnover grew by an average of 25 percent each month in 2020. In comparison, the typical monthly growth in turnover of fast-growing startups in Silicon Valley is usually 10–20 percent.

“Our goal is to make blockchain technology accessible to developers, even those without much previous experience in it. The tool is so easy to use that most apps can be created in a few hours, or several days at the most.”
– Samuel Šramko, CTO and Co-Founder of Tatum

Thousands of Clients in the First Month

Tatum opened its platform to developers in December, with over 3,500 registering in just the first month. The open-source startup is always on the lookout for unique talents to join their team.

Last year, Tatum grew from 10 to 23 people, about half of whom are in development. In December 2020, a new advisory board was appointed for the Brno-based startup. Its members include Samir Ghosh, Vish Pai, Chris Mossing, and Patrick Pahl, all experienced within Silicon Valley, who are helping the company move closer to its goal of becoming a go-to tool for blockchain app development.

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