Bringing Influencers to your IEO Marketing Strategy

Are you leveraging influencer marketing to increase your brand awareness? There are a lot of opportunities for blockchains startups to capitalize on by engaging influencers in their IEO marketing strategies.

In this article, TokenMinds presents some of the most effective influencer marketing strategies that can help blockchain projects generate meaningful engagements and maximize brand awareness.

The Best Influencer Marketing Platforms for IEO

Video content is exploding and platforms like Facebook and YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels are feeding consumer’s avid desires for video.

Crypto companies can benefit from this increased demand for video content by working with influencers to more content. Specifically, realistic and genuine videos tend to create a much stronger connection than scripted ones, even if they’re not perfectly produced or edited.

Moreover, TikTok is quickly replacing Instagram for influencer marketing campaigns — it currently has about 850 million monthly active users. Users love the easy-to-watch, creative videos on the platform, while brands love the fact that it’s easy for content to reach a wide audience.

For IEO marketing, companies can focus on creating casual, humorous, authentic connections by working with influencers who know how to use TikTok. It is also important to add variety and human interest to your overall content strategy.

Choose Your Influencers Carefully

Influencer marketing is not a one size fits all” strategy. You have to take into consideration the size of the influencer community and the type of audiences they have. When it comes to selecting the right influencers, work with someone who is an expert in crypto marketing. You might also need to consider the personal brand of your influencer, and whether or not it’s a match with your corporate values.

Many consumers are becoming savvier at spotting paid influencer campaigns and can easily ignore a brand or influencer that proves to be inauthentic. It is important for brands to maintain genuine influencer partnerships and keep those loyal, high-performing influencers in their inner circles.  One way to achieve this is to switch from one-off campaigns and create influencer communities and referral programs instead.

Having a referral program made up of fully vetted influencers who have demonstrated their professionalism and affinity for the project can be an effective way to ensure a successful IEO marketing campaign. Pay attention to campaign success data so you can track which influencers resonate most with your target investors. Finally, you need an influencer to be cost-effective. Big names are typically expensive but are a good value for money.

Leverage influencer marketing to enhance brand awareness, increase traffic and score qualified leads. You can launch multiple campaigns in various channels with the help of an IEO marketing agency.

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